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APS Redesigns its Manager & Employee Self-Service Software

APS is excited to announce our redesigned self-service software to provide businesses with a more intuitive solution for managers & employees.

Self-service software gives managers and employees access to vital workforce information. Therefore, self-service technology must be easy to use and navigate so they can complete important payroll and HR tasks. APS is excited to announce our redesigned self-service software to provide businesses a more efficient and user-friendly solution for managers and employees.

The goal of APS’ self-service redesign is to provide a better user experience with all relevant payroll and HR information in one application with a single login. This new design helps improve employee engagement with a more intuitive solution.

Why the Manager & Employee Self-Service Redesign is Important

Some payroll and HR providers do not offer a viable self-service solution. Some even require employees to use multiple systems and logins for self-service access. Therefore, it’s more challenging for employees and managers to find what they need, which can discourage system adoption. HR departments must then spend more time overseeing processes to ensure they are completed accurately.

Our self-service redesign provides a more intuitive experience for managers and employees with a centralized interface and improved navigation.

Centralized Interface

We have centralized employee and manager components and alerts into one home dashboard. Employees will see information and tasks pertaining only to them in a concise layout:

Managers see relevant employee alerts and tasks they need to complete from the home dashboard. Managers can proactively oversee tasks related to their staff without logging into a separate system or toggling between employee and manager modes. Furthermore, HR managers can streamline their day-to-day by delegating more tasks to department leaders and employees.

Manager View of the Home Dashboard in Self Service

Improved Navigation

We have updated the navigation to a new left-hand location for a more streamlined user experience. Menu options are displayed based on a company’s configuration and employee settings. All relevant tasks and workflows are more organized and uncluttered, so managers and employees can find what they need in one click.

Navigation Menu for Employees

Navigation Menu for Managers

All employees will have access to the main navigation, while employees that are managers will have access to additional items related to their staff. The more aesthetically appealing navigation helps increase usability and adoption.

Learn All About Our Self-Service Software for Managers & Employees

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How Organizations Benefit from the Employee Self-Service Redesign

The redesign of our manager and employee self-service solution provides a centralized interface with improved navigation in one intuitive application. The layout eliminates unnecessary clicks and makes information relevant to each employee readily available. HR managers can delegate tasks to managers and employees so they can play a more strategic role. In turn, businesses can offer a better self-service experience to their employees that promotes engagement.

If you’re a current APS client, the employee self-service redesign began rolling out to all users this month. You can visit the APS Help Center for more information about the redesign and documentation you can share with your employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about these employee self-service updates, reach out to your support team or contact us.

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