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Payroll and Tax Compliance

Check out our payroll and tax compliance blog articles where we’ll look at tips, trends, updates, and news on compliance that can impact your company.

Form W 2 And Form 1099 MISC Whats The Difference

What is the Difference Between a W-2 and 1099?

Find out the difference between a W-2 and 1099, including what they are, who gets them, and how reporting responsibilities vary for businesses that use them.
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Girl on laptop working reomte

How Payroll Taxes for Remote Employees Work

With more people working remotely, it's important for employers to understand how payroll taxes for remote employees work. Learn how here!
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How to Choose Form 1095-C Codes for Lines 14-16

Here we provide guidance on the various Form 1095-C codes for Lines 14-16 so you can simplify your ACA reporting. Learn more.
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W-2 vs Last Pay Stub: What’s the Difference?

Wondering why the gross payment amount on your W-2 vs your last payment stub is different? We explain why they're different and what it means. Learn more.
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Fringe Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide for Employers

In this comprehensive guide, learn about the types of fringe benefits available and why employers should offer them to attract and retain talent.
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Navigating ACA Reporting Forms 1094-C, 1095-C

Learn about the different reporting methods for 1094-C and 1095-C ACA annual reporting so you can maintain compliance.
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ACA Reporting Requirements 2021-2022

Find out all the ACA reporting requirements for 2020, and get step-by-step instructions for how to prepare and file forms 1094 and forms 1095. Learn more!
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Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Deductions: What's the Difference

Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Deductions: What’s the Difference?

Wondering what the difference is between pre-tax deductions and post-tax deductions? We explain the differences and what they mean. Learn more.
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How to Process Payroll A 7-Step Guide

How to Process Payroll: A 7-Step Guide

Processing payroll can be confusing if you're just getting started. Here's how to process payroll in 7 steps!
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