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Efficient Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

The APS Hire system helps employers with basic recruiting and applicant tracking tasks, such as job postings & interview scheduling. Read on to learn more.

Efficient Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

Streamlining Hiring with Workforce Management Technology

Workforce management technology can help organizations streamline hiring and onboarding of new hires, creating stronger engagement and speeding up the process. Some platforms also offer advanced features, such as collaboration on hires, applicant tracking across job boards, and video conferencing for job interviews.

Modern technology for workforce recruitment saves time and helps organizations manage every step of the process, from creating job postings to sending out job offers. For example, the APS Hire system helps employers with these tasks:

  • Creating job postings: Postings can include optional pre-screening questions for applicants to answer in writing, via automated phone interview, or video.
  • Collaborating on hires: Multiple personnel can view records, allowing for collaboration on choosing the best applicant.
  • Reaching qualified candidates: Job postings are shared with an extensive database of job seekers. Employers can also receive profiles of candidates who fit specifications.
  • Reviewing candidates using video and voice: Employers can evaluate applications, resumes, responses to pre-interview questions and accompanying documentation, including letters of recommendation.
  • Tracking applicants across job boards and sites: Post positions to major job boards (including Indeed,, and LinkedIn) and your company’s website, and review all applications in APS Hire.
  • Scheduling interviews: Employers can invite candidates to make appointments.
  • Tracking and reporting equal employment opportunity (EEO) data: APS Hire automatically stores EEO data for easy reporting.

What’s Missing from Your Workforce Management?

Download our Definitive HR Guide for ways to streamline your workforce management efforts.

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