G2 Crowd High Performer Fall 2017

G2 Crowd Reviewers Are Falling For APS

G2 Crowd High Performer Fall 2017G2 Crowd’s Fall 2017 High Performers have been announced, and APS’s HCM platform has been awarded for our Payroll, HR Management Suites, Core HR, and Performance Management. Not that we’re counting or anything, but that’s a total of four High Performer badges for Fall 2017 alone. But it’s no surprise, as customers have been falling for us since 2014.

Why G2 Crowd Reviews Are Great:

G2 Crowd uses customer reviews in its evaluation and awarding of technology platforms from numerous different industries. Users of the software can review the technology they use, and others researching potential platforms can get a truly genuine understanding of the companies they’re evaluating. There’s never a salesman trying to push a product that isn’t the right fit - instead, you get to see for yourself how different platforms actually help their customers.

Because APS internally develops both Core HR and payroll solutions that are usable and experience-focused, our customers have rated us accordingly. Check out some of the reviews that users have left us below:

Read more APS Payroll Solution reviews

Read more APS Core HR Solution reviews

In addition to getting a High Performer performance, APS has also ranked in the Top Ten in the following:

  • Payroll Software for Small and Midsized Businesses.
  • HR Management for Small and Midsized Businesses.
  • Core HR Software for Small and Midsized Businesses.
  • Workforce Management for Midsized Businesses.
  • Time Tracking for Midsized Businesses.
  • Benefits Administration Software for Midsized Businesses.

What users and potential users can take away from the Fall 2017 rankings is that APS is a trustworthy, knowledgeable company well-versed in everything payroll and Core HR related. We pride ourselves in producing and developing the best possible solutions for our customers, and we are happy that our clients are appreciative of the services we provide.

About APS

Interested in learning more about APS? Be sure to check out our website and take a look at our solutions. Need more evidence our HCM is worth considering? Visit our achievements page or read our customer successes and you truly begin to see why APS is different and why we’re better. Our Buyer’s Guide is another great resource to help evaluate potential HCM solutions. And lastly, our blog is another way to stay on top of workforce management tips, ideas, and news - so feel free to subscribe below. If you’re interested in contacting APS or scheduling a demo, call us at 855.945.7921.

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