How HR Software Can Meet Your Growing Business Needs

MAY, 2017
One of the many constants in life is change, it’s inevitable. The same rings true in the workforce. In order to continue growing and succeeding, you have to make strategic changes, including your business’s HR software needs. And while manual processes and more simplistic payroll and HR systems worked fine years ago, they just don’t cut it anymore.

So how do you determine when to adopt new HR software and which technology is best for your business needs, both now and down the road? Software Advice, a leading cloud based HR systems review platform, shared their latest research with APS. They analyzed more than 1,500 interactions with HR software buyers and created the first ever Needs Cycle for HR Software. And we’re going to share the research to show you how HR software can meet your growing business needs.

Needs Cycle for HR Software

The Needs Cycle for HR Software

To set the stage, let’s take a look at the Needs Cycle itself. It is broken down into three phases:

  1. HR Applications You Need to Start Your Business
  2. HR Applications You Need to Grow Your Business
  3. HR Applications You Need to Optimize Your Business

Now let’s dive into each phase and discuss the nine applications that complete the Needs Cycle.

3 HR Applications You Need to Start

1. Payroll

No matter how large or small your business, payroll is a must. You have to pay your employees. But if you’re processing payroll manually or using older technology, this can take you several hours each time, which can add up to 80 hours or more per year according to the National Small Business Association survey.

Nowadays, payroll solutions have become very easy to implement and use, making this once burdensome task super simple. With a solution like APS, you can significantly reduce your time spent on payroll processing, eliminate errors, and decrease risk with our tax compliance experts.

Buyers Requesting Payroll Software

2. Time and Attendance

If you’re manually tracking employee hours, time off requests, and scheduling using spreadsheets, you’re probably tearing your hair out trying to keep up with everything. It’s time to invest in a time and attendance solution.

But time and attendance software offers so much more than that. With APS, you can manage labor expenses, utilize self-service features so employees can clock in and out, request time off, and even utilize time capture methods to prevent time fraud. Plus it all syncs with your payroll data, ensuring accurate paychecks.

Buyers Requesting Time and Attendance Software

3. Personnel Tracking

With everything from address changes to work history and even certifications, tracking personnel data can be overwhelming and error prone. We know you don’t have time to spend manually entering all of that data into a spreadsheet or separate systems.

That’s why using software like APS that provides a secure and centralized database to house that information is so important. Not only does it streamline the process of managing personnel information, it also provides a historical record of any changes that have been made and who made them. And again, all of that data syncs into other areas like payroll and time and attendance, so you’re always viewing and using the most accurate and up to date information.

Buyers Requesting Personnel Tracking Software

3 HR Applications You Need to Grow

1. Performance Management

Performance management has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Companies understand their productivity is directly tied to the happiness and engagement of their employees. Employees feel more productive when they have continuous feedback and set goals to achieve. Performance management software makes it easy to track this and more.

A unified system like APS allows you to manage performance reviews, employee goals, bonus structures, and more. With all of this data feeding into your reporting and analytics, you will be able to see a direct correlation between performance management and company productivity.

Buyers Requesting Performance Management Software
If you’re processing payroll manually or using older technology, this can take you several hours each time, which can add up to 80 hours or more per year.
- National Small Business Association survey
Buyers Requesting Benefits Administration Software

2. Benefits Administration

It’s not enough to merely offer a benefits package to your employees. You need the ability to track and manage open enrollment, ACA compliance, and benefit changes. A benefits administration system allows you manage everything in a single view, controlling costs and compliance risks.

With a system like APS for benefits administration, you can take it a step or two further with carrier connections and employee self service. Carrier Connections allow you to send benefits paperwork directly to benefit providers online, eliminating the need for messy paperwork and the potential for errors. Employee self service makes it easy for employees to conduct their enrollment online, saving you time. You can even upload benefits documents online for employees to view and have them electronically sign paperwork.

3. Applicant Tracking

Recruiting and applicant tracking is a very time consuming process, consisting of:

  • Posting job openings to job boards and social media
  • Collecting job applications
  • Tracking workers through the hiring process
  • Grading and ranking candidates
  • Extending job offers

Utilizing an applicant tracking system (ATS) centralizes all of these tasks, scaling the process and making it much more manageable. An ATS like APS Hire even allows you to unify your onboarding process and provides analytics so you can fine-tune your recruiting process to hone in on the best talent with every hire.

Buyers Requesting Applicant Tracking Software

3 HR Applications You Need to Optimize

1. Onboarding

Most applicant tracking systems also include onboarding tools to further streamline employee lifecycle management. Onboarding software walks new employees through new hire paperwork, allows them to electronically sign important documents, and complete new hire tasks. Onboarding systems create a proactive and communicative process so new employees are ahead of the game from their very first day.

APS Hire combines applicant tracking and onboarding into a seamless system for managing applicants and new employees. Once an employee is onboarded, a new employee record is created so all of that important data is entered into the system one time. This eliminates duplicate data entry and decrease the risk for data errors.

Buyers Requesting Onboarding Software
Buyers Requesting Compensation Management

2. Compensation Management

Controlling expenses is a crucial part of any business strategy. A large part of a company’s expenses is employee compensation. So how do you know if you’re paying your workers the right amounts based on experience and performance? What about during times of hardship? Compensation management software allows you to dive into the internal and external factors to ensure you’re not overpaying or underpaying your employees.

Since APS is built in house, we have the ability to integrate with today’s top compensation management applications. You can take advantage of all the workforce management solutions APS has to offer while continuing to use your existing business investments.

3. Learning Management

Learning management systems allow organizations to take employee training online, making it more engaging and flexible. Digital training courses can be assembled in various formats for different types of learning and administered to employees no matter where they work. Learning management software makes it easier to ensure employees are continuously being educated, advancing their career goals and making them more productive.

APS has partnered with CypherWorx to bring custom Learning Management Systems to small and mid-market businesses. You can choose from an extensive catalog of courses or collaborate to develop custom content. Your employees can learn anywhere at any time on any device.

Buyers Requesting LMS

Next Steps

Whether you’re just starting out, in a growth phase, or looking to optimize your workforce management processes, APS has the customized solutions to scale with your business. Email or call us today at 855.945.7921 to get started.

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