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Benefits of Manager Self Service Software

Benefits of Manager Self Service Software

There are several benefits of manager self service. Find out what those benefits are and how they help your managers operate more efficiently. Learn more.

Managing several tasks at once can be challenging enough. However, balancing work tasks while leading a team can feel impossible. Employee management software (EMS) helps leaders reduce time spent on manual labor tasks. Let’s discuss what EMS is and the benefits of manager self service throughout your organization.

What is Manager Self Service?

Manager self-service (MSS) is a type of employee management software that gives supervisors the ability to perform essential daily tasks that would generally require HR’s assistance. Many payroll and HR platforms include a manager self-service system as part of their offerings. This unified approach ensures department leaders and HR managers are accessing the same accurate information.

Manager self-service features make it easy for supervisors to handle many labor-related tasks, including schedules, time-off requests, and performance reviews. Many managers enjoy having access to MSS functionality as it allows them to manage their staff better and play a more strategic role in their organization.

Manager self-service software can also provide many levels of access to different types of employee data. This access can include payroll, HR, and attendance-related information:


Managers can use self-service solutions to edit and approve time cards to ensure accurate employee payroll. Manager self service provides a view of employee clock statuses to see who is clocked in or out at any given time. This functionality allows managers to be more proactive in completing tasks.


Manager self service software also provides an overview of active/inactive staff, including those on sick or FMLA leave. This visibility ensures department leaders are always aware of what is happening with their team.


Another vital aspect of manager self service is the responsibility to maintain employee morale. MSS tools foster company culture initiatives by providing visibility to important staff events like anniversaries, birthdays, performance reviews, and pay raises, and more.


Managers also need access to reporting around employee and attendance metrics. Having the ability to run reports for important information like labor expenses, available accrual balances, and time card details allows them to play a more active role in leading their teams.

Who is Manager Self-Service Software Designed for?

Manager self service is designed for mid-level managers to help prioritize and complete tasks associated with their employees. Like its employee-focused counterpart, manager self-service systems provide access to critical information that allows supervisors to make informed decisions. Ideally, managers have the option to access a self-service solution either on their computer or smartphone. This accessibility gives them the freedom to manage their employees no matter where they are working.

The functionality provided by MSS software offers greater autonomy to managers over their teams. Manager self-service systems also make it easier for HR managers to delegate responsibilities to department leaders while maintaining company-wide accountability. Manager self-service training may be needed depending on the level of access to employee data. Check with your provider to see if they offer a help center that provides training videos and articles for their manager self-service application.

How Does it Relate to Employee Management Software?

EMS is a comprehensive set of employee management tools needed to keep track of employee information. Types of employee record management software include:

  • Payroll and HR manager self-service platforms
  • Employee tracking and monitoring software
  • HR employee learning and appraisal applications
  • Employee collaboration and communication technology

Companies typically use some form of employee data management software as the source of record and use that information in their payroll and HR workflows. The data stored in employee details management software populates what managers see in their self-service application.

Many companies implement an employee self-service solution first and then add manager self-service software as the next phase in their strategy. Many self-service solutions offer one application for both employees and managers with role-based configuration. This type of role-based control ensures that each user has access to only the data they need to complete their tasks.

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Manager Self Service?

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The 3 Biggest Benefits of Manager Self Service

Manager self-service empowers leaders to view important employee information, manage time and labor adequately, and proactively monitor employee events for better collaboration and compliance. Here are three benefits of utilizing a manager self-service solution:

1. Manage Employee Time Efficiently

Time management is incredibly powerful when it’s part of a unified self-service payroll and HR solution. Whether managers are editing missed time card punches, approving time off, or emailing employee schedules, manager self-service solutions simplify labor tasks. An all-in-one software solution streamlines access to employee information across HR, attendance, and payroll. This comprehensive approach to time management increases speed and accountability while reducing the risk of errors. Below are a few more ways manager self service helps leaders supervise employee time efficiently:

Proactive Management of Overtime Hours

Leaders can view real-time clock-in statuses, including employees who are already in or approaching overtime. Proactively managing overtime hours gives managers a more hands-on role in controlling labor expenses.

Quick Adjustments for Employee Absences

Some solutions offer scheduling alerts that notify leaders about overlapping shifts, schedule variances, time-off requests, and absent or late employees. Managers can make quick adjustments to keep workforce productivity balanced.

Streamlined Employee Scheduling

With employee data housed in a single solution, managers can assign hours to more than one employee at a time. Managers can instantly view each schedule’s total labor cost and ensure they are not over or understaffing. When managers can automate time management tasks and complete them more efficiently, they have more time to focus on leading and developing their employees. The result is more satisfied and productive workers.

2. Easily Enforce Company Policies

Manager self-service tools help enforce company policies by facilitating greater collaboration between managers and HR professionals. HR departments can delegate tasks to managers, such as signing performance reviews or approving time-off requests. Specific ways manager self service can help leaders enforce company policy include:
  • Email or phone notifications alert managers when it’s time to conduct employee performance reviews.
  • Managers can access disciplinary actions for better oversight and follow-through with employees.
  • Company alerts and team updates are sent directly to employees’ preferred electronic devices.
  • Managers can monitor employee training requirements and course progress.
  • Leaders can set follow-up dates for employee certifications.
Self-service technology assists leaders in enforcing company policies and helps them manage compliance. Managers can receive daily alert emails or view their dashboard of compliance-related tasks that need immediate attention. This visibility helps department leaders prioritize where they need to spend their time each day, so nothing slips through the cracks. Manager self service creates accountability for HR processes and maintains visibility throughout companies. Streamlined compliance is especially helpful when a company has multiple locations across various states. This approach ensures better risk control and reduces the potential for penalties.

3. Complete Team Tasks On The Go

Manager self-service solutions help leaders engage with their workforce from any location. Using mobile app solutions, leaders spend less time behind the desk while staying connected with their team. Managers need the right mix of technology to stay connected with their teams and improve workforce engagement. According to Salesforce, almost two-thirds of workers are working outside of the office at least some of the time. Meanwhile, Citrix reports that 81% of CEOs consider mobile technology a strategically important part of their companies. There are several manager self-service solutions that offer mobile apps. Some providers offer the convenience of both employee and manager self service is one mobile app. This approach ensures completion of all tasks in a streamlined manner without the hassle of working in multiple applications. Most apps require two-factor authentication to ensure security and privacy. Managers can hold their teams accountable for clocking in, time-off requests, and schedules all from their phones. Here are a few benefits of a mobile self-service solution:
  • Managing time-off requests can be cumbersome when performed manually. With self-service applications, these requests become streamlined. Managers can quickly approve time, deny time, or leave time requests pending with comments, all from their smartphone.
  • Mobile time card alerts allow managers to approve, unapprove, and submit time on behalf of their teams. This approach eliminates errors from paper timesheets and maximizes managers’ efficiency on the go.
  • Time card access also enables managers to check clock-in statuses and correct missed punches. Timely corrections performed on a smartphone give employees peace of mind and place managers on the frontline of employee accountability.
  • Self-service solutions also let managers access employee record information, allowing managers to call or email staff directly from an app quickly.
  • Mobile overtime alerts let managers view lists of employees approaching or in overtime. This feature is especially useful because it helps leaders stay on-track with budget spending.
  • Important dates are sometimes also housed with a mobile self-service solution. These can include employee birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming time off. Leaders can keep employees engaged, informed, and stagger shifts when they are in-the-know on important information.

Pave the Path for Success

The benefits of manager self-service software impact HR personnel, managers, and employees alike. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s inefficient to manually handle time-sheets, PTO, and other labor tasks.

Leveraging payroll and EMS bridges the gap between HR personnel and other department leaders. This approach creates clear visibility into workforce details and ultimately enhances organizational effectiveness. Leaders can focus less on manual processes and more on initiatives that foster growth for their teams.

APS’ Manager Self-Service Solution

APS is an all-in-one workforce management solution designed to help managers stay informed. Whether you’re utilizing our self-service solution from a laptop or phone, we provide alerts based on real-time data.

APS daily digest emails include attendance alerts such as time-off requests, missed punches, and employees in overtime. Our threshold alert notifies managers of employees approaching the limit for part-time hours. This notification helps control labor costs and ensures ACA compliance.

From the dashboard, essential information about staff attendance, events, performance reviews, and more are brought to the surface. This streamlined view provides managers with insight into critical details, tasks, and deadlines.

Managers can use our convenient APS mobile app to handle manager-related and employee-specific tasks without the need to download multiple applications. This design makes it easy for managers to complete all tasks on the go with the simplicity of one app.

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