Empowering Managers With Self Service

A Time and Money Saver

Manager Self ServiceManager self service empowers managers with the ability to view important employee information, manage time and labor efficiently, and proactively monitor employee events.

Manager self service is especially powerful as part of a unified solution, as it provides real-time information across HR, time and attendance, and payroll. This increases speed and accountability while reducing the risk of errors.

“Approvals can be time consuming and often responses to time-off requests, schedule changes, or timesheet submissions can be delayed if a manager has to wait until they can get to their office and sit down at a computer. Access to these kinds of routine approvals on the go allows managers to keep up with requests as they come in, and improves the efficiency of workforce management processes.”
- Aberdeen Group, Mobile Workforce Management: Taking Decisions in Hand, April 2014

Manager self-service tools can also facilitate greater collaboration between managers and HR professionals, who can delegate tasks to managers (for example, signing off on performance reviews or approving time-off requests) and check to see if they have been completed. This enables managers to assist in enforcing company policies and managing compliance while creating accountability for HR processes and maintaining visibility throughout the company. This feature is especially helpful when a company has multiple locations, perhaps in multiple states.

In addition, manager self service with 24/7 mobile access frees managers from their desks and computers so they can get out in the field. Managers need to be on the frontline to improve employee engagement and enhance organizational effectiveness. Modern technology such as APS Mobile empowers managers, keeps them informed, and helps them stay connected with their team no matter where they work.

Research shows that the type of tasks managers most want access to is the ability to approve requests.

Research also shows that automated workforce management has another important benefit: when tasks such as scheduling, time and attendance, and leave/absence management are automated, managers and HR professionals can spend more time on strategic activities and less time on administration. And, according to Aberdeen, organizations with automated solutions also increase customer satisfaction, with improvement in the range of 9.2% to 10.4% (compared to 2.9% to 6.2% for organizations without automated solutions).

A unified workforce management system also helps managers stay informed by providing timely alerts and reminders based on real-time data. Dashboards display a streamlined, “at a glance” view of key details, tasks, and deadlines, including employee events that require attention. Daily digest emails include attendance alerts such as time off requests, missed punches, and employees in overtime, and they alert managers to employees who are approaching the threshold for part-time hours, which helps control labor costs and ensure ACA compliance. The emails also alert managers to anniversaries and birthdays.

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