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Why Payroll and HR Implementation Awards Matter

G2 Summer Badge Blog (Implementation)

APS has been recognized as a leader in payroll and HR software in G2’s Summer 2020 reports. In this article, we’ll discuss why payroll and HR implementation awards matter and how they can help you understand what to expect from a payroll and HR vendor during the implementation process.

Why Payroll and HR Implementation Awards Matter

APS was recognized as a leader in payroll and HR software in G2’s Summer 2020 reports. Among the 41 awards earned, our customers ranked us for Most Implementable and Highest User Adoption. While you may be wondering why this matters to your business, easy to implement payroll and HR technology is important for all businesses.

In our article Why Customer Support Awards Matter, we discuss how achievements earned from technology research platform achievements are powerful decision-making tools. In this article, we’ll discuss why payroll and HR implementation awards matter. We’ll also talk about how they can help you understand what to expect from a payroll and HR vendor during the implementation process.

Implementation Is Everything

Think of implementation as the foundation of your payroll and HR system. If any mistakes are made in the foundation, those issues will only get worse and cause compounding defects. If your provider doesn’t implement your data into their solution correctly, it can cause issues down the road, including:

  • Payroll processing and time tracking errors
  • Incorrect deductions
  • Inaccurate payroll tax payments and filings

These types of issues can result in extra time spent correcting errors and non-compliance penalties. How a core HR software provider handles your implementation plays a critical role in the success of your business.

What To Look For When Evaluating Implementation Processes

During the research process for HR and payroll software, it’s important to look at the implementation process. The vendor’s implementation team members will have documented steps that are taken from start to finish. This is also where you can read customer reviews to get an honest understanding of what to expect.

APS originally started as a Pacesetter in 2017 and quickly rose to a FrontRunner for Payroll in 2018. Since then, we have maintained our position because of our dedication to creating an optimal customer experience. Our continued commitment to providing the best customer service possible coupled with developing intuitive technology for mid-sized companies is what differentiates APS in the market.

Customer Reviews

Top peer review sites like G2 and Software Advice use authentic customer reviews to help businesses research HR and payroll systems. These reviews are also used to determine which software providers earn achievements for their implementation procedure.

Together, customer reviews and implementation awards help bring clarity to the buying process so it’s not as overwhelming. Here are a few things implementation achievements tell you about a payroll and HR vendor.

Most Implementable

To earn Most Implementable for payroll and HR, a software provider must receive 150+ verified customer reviews. These reviews must mention the system’s ease of setup and the percentage of user adoption.
The Most Implementable badge provides three pieces of information about the payroll and HR vendor’s implementation process:

  • Their customers are satisfied with the set-up process
  • The amount of time (in months) required to go-live is less than the industry average
  • There is higher than average user adoption of the payroll and HR system
Most Implementable
Highest User Adoption Mid Market

HIghest User Adoption

This award is earned by top-performing software companies that offer a solution designed to achieve the highest overall user adoption. Payroll and HR software vendors that earn this award consistently rate in the 95th percentile for user adoption. This is compared to an 80th percentile user adoption average.

Time To Go-Live

Another important factor is how long it will take to go through a workforce management implementation and process your first payroll. When conducted in a timely manner, you can start benefiting from return on investment sooner. Payroll and software vendors that are highly rated for time to go live are implementing new customers in about 1.85 months. This is compared to an industry average of 2.87 months.

How To Use Implementation Awards To Make Better Decisions

According to a survey conducted by, 19 percent of small businesses don’t add more technology into their daily processes because of the hassle associated with buying and implementing it. This is an understandable concern, and implementation awards can help you gain better insight into what your experience will be.


When you’re ready to implement a new payroll and HR solution, include implementation awards in your research process. Look for providers that will support you every step of the way, helping you develop user adoption strategies for maximum ROI. A reliable vendor is a strategic partner in payroll and HR management, setting your business up for future growth.

About APS

APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. We provide our clients and partners with intuitive technology delivered with personalized service and support. Businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our focus on the customer experience, starting from the moment they begin implementation.

As a result, we continually maintain 98% customer retention and satisfaction rates. APS has also been recognized by G2 for top-rated user adoption and implementation since 2018.

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