The Best Time Tracking Solution for HR Teams - Part 3

As the third and final installment of the Henry Ford Teams series, it seems fitting that the topic would be time; or more importantly, what time tracking solutions HR managers should consider.

“Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage.”
-Henry Ford

The driving force behind Ford’s methodology was based on time: how could he make his workers produce the most quality product in the least amount of time, what was the path of least resistance to get from point A to point B, who was the most capable for each task that needed to be performed.

Not only was Ford focused on ways to save time, he knew exactly how to utilize time using the tools that he had at his disposal: his employees. He had 7,882 jobs available in his factory and had each job divided up based on the capabilities of his employees:

  • 3,595 jobs required no physical effort
  • 2,637 jobs by one-legged men
  • 949 jobs required “physically perfect” men
  • 670 jobs could be performed by legless men
  • 715 jobs by one-armed men
  • 10 jobs by blind men
  • 2 jobs by armless men
Model T Line

Back to the Future

Knowledge of the jobs he had available in his factory, and the time it took for each job, allowed for Ford to track exactly how long it took to produce a Tin Lizzie along with the cost of production per car. He understood that by having efficient time tracking in his factory, he could maximize profits while minimizing costs — a concept that businesses can still appreciate today.

Time Tracking Solutions
It can be very easy to forget about time tracking solutions when your HR team is trying to figure out the best cloud-based software for your company. After all, clocking in and out should be fairly simple for employees to do on their own, right? If you’re an HR manager, you know that this isn’t true at all.

Time is Money

Time tracking has evolved into so much more than logging how many hours an employee has worked. Now, time and attendance can encompass everything from scheduling to paid time off. That’s not including all of the laws involving what employees are qualified as exempt or nonexempt, minimum wage, etc.

Naturally, every employee’s go-to when they have questions about their time-cards or concerns with payroll is the HR department. A seemingly simple problem can very quickly transform into a giant monster of an issue, causing frustration for both the employee and your team. How much is this wasted time costing your organization?

According to Gretchen Gavett of the Harvard Business Review, the U.S. is losing $7.4 billion per day (50 million hours) due to unproductivity in the workplace. However, with a cloud-based time tracking solution, the amount of money lost in the workforce can be enormously diminished.

Benefits of an Automated Time Tracking Solution

Just think of all the productivity that your team can gain by not having to worry about the little details of time management! All the employees of the company would clock-in through online time capture methods, and their managers could schedule their employee’s shifts through the same system, allowing for minimal scheduling confusion. Your HR team could also assign employees to their managers, and give managers the access to change shifts, approve requested time off through the automated system, and view the analytics of employee records.

Henry Ford Model T
If that’s not enough of a reason for you to consider a time tracking solution to help your HR team, consider this one last benefit: a time tracking solution that automatically configures all of this data while staying in compliance with up-to-date laws and regulations, such as the FLSA overtime rule. Everything that your team needs to keep your company up and running as smoothly as possible can quite literally be at your fingertips.
Time is the one currency we can never be refunded for–it’s in a constant forward motion, and we have to ensure that it is spent in the best way possible. Henry Ford recognized this and took control of how his company was managing time. You too can take control of your HR Team by choosing the best time tracking solution that frees them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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