January, 2017

8 Ways Core HR Solutions Should Meet Your Company’s Requirements

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8 Ways Core HR Solutions Should Meet Your Company’s Requirements

There are a significant number of Core HR solutions out there, and it can be very overwhelming and confusing when choosing the right platform for your business. With so many options out there, how do you know which one is truly the best fit for you and your company? Here’s a list of 8 requirements that your core HR solution software should meet:

Benefits Administration

1. Benefits Administration

When managing employee benefits, the solution that you choose should be able to disburse workflows and information for benefits to your employees. From that point, employees should be able to enroll in the benefits they qualify for on their own, which minimizes the number of errors in benefit enrollment that usually come up when one HR manager is trying to input all employees’ benefits.

Compliance Management

2. Compliance Management

From ACA compliance to W-2 tax filings, HR solutions should make paperwork submissions and tracking a breeze. So much time is lost when HR managers have to dig through stacks and stacks of tax filings; not only that, but trying to navigate all the rules and exceptions to the rules can be a hassle. Having a good core HR solution that will automatically generate the correct forms and reports for you can be a real life-saver, especially from a manager’s perspective.

Employee Records

3. Employee Records

Typically, when an employee completes online benefits enrollment, that information is saved once an employee submits their selections. A unified system should automatically save benefit enrollment information to the employee record once submitted. This information is always readily available within the core HR solution, as well through an employee self-service portal. Having a solution that automatically stores this information in the employee record, as well as a host of other important data, is critical because it creates an audit trail for better compliance management. This makes the life of an HR manager that much easier.

Workforce Scheduling

4. Workforce Scheduling

A flexible HR software solution that allows a manager to customize schedules for their employees without following a defined template can be a huge benefit for the over functionality of a company. When looking for a truly exceptional workforce scheduling asset, check to see if the solution will fit your specific industry’s needs. Does your company have multiple departments? What about multiple locations, or traveling employees? Will the solution that you are considering be able to accommodate all of these needs? If an HR software cannot answer “yes” to these questions, then it’s time to look at other options.

Time & Attendance Management

5. Time & Attendance Management

How easy should it be for an employee to request time off? Or how easy should it be for a manager to approve time off? Let’s look at this from a different perspective: if you, the manager, need to check up on the hours that an employee has been working, can you do so easily? Any functional core HR solution should make tracking time & attendance something that requires very little time; managing employee’s attendance should not be a point of stress, but rather should be plain to see.

Payroll Management

6. Payroll Management

Dealing with payroll can be stressful–there’s no doubt about it. After all, you are managing people’s paychecks, and people tend to get testy when it comes to their money. One little mistake can lead to disgruntled employees. That’s why it is so important to have a software solution that is easy to operate and edit; even better, a solution that requires hardly any management leads to less mistakes, and happier, paid employees. A good HR solution will allow managers to track salaries, manage deductions, add bonuses and commissions, and oversee salary distribution.

Customer Support & Service

7. Customer Support & Service

Not only should companies be looking for great and easy-to-use software as part of their HR solution, the customer service that comes with it should also be exceptional. Look into what customer service options are available to you, from training to data integration to a single point of contact who is available via phone, chat, or email for any questions you may have once you’re up and running with that solution. Reading reviews of software, testimonials from current customers, and even checking out sites such as G2 Crowd will be a big help in determining which core HR solution will be best for your company.

Employee Self-Service Portal

8. Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee self-service portals are becoming increasingly useful core HR solutions. While a good core HR solution can make the life of an administrator much easier, it’s also important that employees are able to manage certain tasks with relative ease as well. Through a self-service portal, employees have the power to view important information regarding their benefits, insurance plans, tax details, PTO, company calendars, and banking and tax details. Self-service portals allow HR managers to delegate responsibilities to employees while maintaining accountability.

How APS can help

APS provides a truly unified Core HR solution designed to help HR managers with benefits administration, ACA compliance and reporting, employee lifecycle management, and more. Our solution is so simple to use, it was recognized in the 2016 G2 Crowd Core HR Usability Report for having the best Ease of Use, Easiest Admin and for Best Meeting Requirements based on user reviews. Call us today to learn more about our unified platform!

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