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APS Adds Quick Enrollment to Benefits Administration

Quick Enrollments Blog (Product Release)

APS has added Quick Enrollment functionality to our health benefits administration solution to simplify the open enrollment process. Learn more!

With many businesses managing dispersed workforces, employees must access HR information and complete HR tasks online. One process that is essential for both HR managers and employees is open enrollment for health insurance. An optimized open enrollment process ensures accurate benefits selections and satisfied employees. APS has added Quick Enrollment functionality to our health benefits administration solution to simplify this process for employers and employees.

In our latest software release, Quick Enrollment provides a streamlined method of setting up benefits plans. HR managers can save valuable time during open enrollment season and provide a better benefits experience for their employees.

Advantages of Using Quick Enrollment for Open Enrollment

Optimized Open Enrollment Experience for Employees

With Quick Enrollment, we’ve created a more streamlined online enrollment process for employees, no matter where they work. The guided interface and clear step-by-step instructions provide a quicker way for employees to compare benefit plan coverages between the current and new plans.

Quick Enrollment empowers employees to keep their coverage the same as the prior-year elections without having to re-enroll during the open enrollment process. This feature can reduce the time an employee spends going through open enrollment by up to 60%.

How Employees Use Quick Enrollment

Quick Enrollment is a step during the open enrollment process. During this step, employees will see side-by-side information related to the cost comparison from the current and new year plans for the same coverage. Employees can then elect to keep the same coverage or review other plans to manage their benefits costs more effectively.

Quick Enrollment Screen

Once employees complete the open enrollment process and HR confirms their plan options, they can access their benefit plan details in the self-service mobile app.

Want a More Efficient Open Enrollment Process?

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Learn All About Our Health Benefits Administration Solution

Reduced HR Inquiries About Benefits

HR professionals have many tasks on their plates when it comes to the administrative processing of employee benefits. Quick Enrollment simplifies the open enrollment process for HR managers by reducing the number of inquiries received from employees. This efficiency gain gives employers more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Managing Benefits Administration with APS

APS’ Benefits Administration solution automates benefits plan updates, online enrollment, and paperwork submissions to providers in a unified platform. With our solution, you can:

Spearheading the Customer Experience

APS owns and develops its technology to make payroll and HR easier for our customers. We actively listen to feedback from our users and incorporate that into our product development. With more businesses managing remote workers, we have pushed to design technology that provides value to our customers no matter where they work. With Quick Enrollments now available in our core HR software, employers and employees can benefit from a streamlined open enrollment process.

Since APS is an all-in-one platform, we adapt our system to meet our customers’ needs as they change. As a result of this commitment to our clients, APS was named #6 in G2’s Top 100 Best Software Awards for Highest Satisfaction.

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