January, 2017

APS Awarded 2nd Place in the 2016 APA National Payroll Week Contest

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APS Awarded 2nd Place in the 2016 APA National Payroll Week Contest

APS is proud to announce our second place finish for the Individual Activity category in the 2016 APA National Payroll Week (NPW) Contest among some of our largest competitors in the payroll industry. In order to place in this category, a company must increase awareness of NPW working independently of an APA affiliated chapter.

With our One Team, One Goal attitude, we were awarded second place for our efforts as a NPW Supporter to help spread their message, and by recognizing the achievements of our own payroll professionals, along with those we work with through our customers.

What is the NPW Contest?

The essence of the NPW Contest is the celebration of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay,a concept that we believe any working individual can appreciate. From a national standpoint, the importance of payroll is immense, as it accounts for 67 percent of the U.S Treasury’s revenue. The unique relationships among America’s workers, their companies, the payroll professionals who pay them, and government programs such as social security and Medicare is truly what brings life to the “American Dream.”

How APS Participated

NPW was held September 6-9, 2016, and here at APS we celebrated in various ways. From catered lunches, to lip sync battles and “Tailgate Tuesday,” we really wanted to show off the fun side of our payroll professionals!

Not only did we host in-house actives for our employees during National Payroll Week, APS also held a Red Cross Disaster Relief Drive for the victims of the catastrophic 2016 Louisiana Flood. As a company based in Shreveport, LA, this disaster had a deep, personal effect on us. 

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