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APS Earns Best Mid-Market Software Awards in G2 Winter 2023 Reports

APS earned best mid-market software awards on G2 for support, usability, and more based on customer feedback. Learn more.

APS has earned top rankings as a leading payroll and HR solution for mid-market businesses in G2’s Winter 2023 reports. G2 is a software research platform that ranks vendors based on authentic user feedback. APS outranked hundreds of software vendors listed in the reports among several categories, including Best Relationship, Best Support, Best Usability, and Best Results. APS was also named Most Implementable and Users Most Likely to Recommend for our technology and services.

You may wonder what mid-market awards are and why they matter to your business. In this article, we’ll discuss what mid-market payroll and HR software awards are and highlight key categories to consider when researching payroll and HR platforms. We’ll also discuss how G2 chose the top mid-market providers and how you can leverage awards like these to make an informed decision.

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What is a Mid-Market Award?

Mid-market awards recognize a vendor dedicated to providing a best-in-class software product, service, and experience for a company with 50-1000 employees.

A vendor who earns awards in the mid-market categories may comprehensively design its products and services to help businesses with a certain number of employees. This approach proactively establishes solutions focused on the end user.

APS is top-ranked among our customers on G2 because we’re focused on providing efficient, usable, and adoptable technology that elevates the client experience. Our software, combined with personalized support, ensures long-term satisfaction. We earned awards across multiple scoring categories, outranking global competitors for the services we provide our customers. Here are four of the major categories that are beneficial to review when researching payroll and HR providers:

Relationship Awards:

These awards are tied to client satisfaction ratings and demonstrate a provider’s proactive approach to customer happiness. APS earned two mid-market achievements in the relationship category: Best Relationship and Best Support. Our relationship score is 90% compared to the 80% industry average, and our quality of support score is 95% compared to the 88% industry average.

Implementation Awards:

Awards in this category showcase a vendor’s commitment to the client experience. APS earned a Most Implementable award because we’ve created an onboarding process that helps new customers use our products confidently and quickly. We have a 91% user adoption rating to the 81% industry average.

Usability Awards:

A provider who earns these awards designs their software to be user-friendly and intuitive for anyone. APS earned a Best Usability award for our configurable technology that is easy to navigate. Our Ease of Use rating is 91% compared to the 86% industry average.

Results Awards:

 This category speaks to a customer’s product satisfaction and their estimated return on software investment. A company earning a results-based award has a proven track record for consistently meeting its client’s unique needs. APS achieved a Best Results and Users Most Likely to Recommend award in this category. We have a results rating of 82% compared to the 78% industry average, and 91% of users are most likely to recommend APS compared to the 86% industry average.

G2 Mid-Market Scoring Methodology

Vendors earn best-in-class mid-market awards when they receive a certain number of reviews from a business with at least 50-1000 employees. Reviews must speak to customer satisfaction and engagement with a provider. Reviews are then analyzed against G2 scoring indexes to determine category-specific rankings. APS has over 649 reviews, earning mid-market awards across the Implementation, Relationship, Usability, and Results categories.

These awards demonstrate our commitment to creating intuitive products that help our customers streamline their processes and meet their goals. Our clients can truly benefit from user-friendly technology and personalized support for a greater return on their investment.

We understand that our clients need efficient software that automates processes and reliable support to achieve their long-term goals. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating a customer-centric software and organization. Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier, and the G2 awards we earned this quarter prove that we are achieving this goal.

How These Awards Can Help You Choose a Software Provider

Researching payroll and HR software can be overwhelming, and there is a lot of noise to cut through. Leveraging review platforms like G2 and awards like Best Support, Best Usability, and Best Implementation allows businesses to cut through the noise and focus on providers that focus on the product and client experience.

The reviews behind these accolades give you an idea of what it’s like to partner with a software vendor that truly understands your company’s needs. You can access customer-backed data and results needed to make an informed buying decision. That way, you can partner with a provider that will prioritize your goals and success.

About APS’ Commitment to the Client Experience

At APS, we have a mission to make payroll and HR easier for our clients. Since 2014, we’ve consistently ranked on G2 for mid-market categories like Usability, Best Relationship, and Most Implementable. These awards represent our commitment to the client experience. Our clients can solve their biggest workforce challenges with our customer-centric approach to technology and support:

With APS, you gain a workforce partner committed to your success and focused on providing a personalized customer experience.

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