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APS Earns #1 Rankings for Software and Support in Latest G2 Reports

APS earned the #1 ranking for technology and support across multiple categories in G2’s Winter 2023 reports, with 45 total badges Learn more.

APS earned the #1 ranking for technology and support across multiple categories in G2’s Winter 2023 reports. G2 is a software research platform that ranks vendors based on authentic customer feedback. We received 45 badges, outperforming hundreds of software vendors across several report categories, including Best Relationship, Best Support, Best Usability, and Best Results.

These awards are important to us because they demonstrate APS’ commitment to our mission to make payroll and HR easier. Now, it’s time to show you how to use them to help your business. This article will discuss why these badges are essential when researching payroll and HR providers. We’ll also highlight how these badges prove that APS differs from other HCM technology providers.

Software Usability

APS earned the #1 ranking on G2’s Usability Index, outranking companies like Rippling and Gusto. We received awards for Best Usability among mid-market users and Best Usability overall. These are valuable because usability is the foundation of an effective product and experience.

Here’s how APS’ technology performs in the usability category:

Ease of Use

APS’ system is rated 91% for ease of use, compared to the industry average of 86%. Our software is intuitive enough for anyone to use so that business-critical tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

Ease of Admin

APS’ ease of admin rating is 92% compared to the 86% industry average. We’ve created a platform that allows you to automate complex tasks and easily delegate responsibilities, making processes like ACA reporting, employee management, and benefits administration less cumbersome.

Meets Requirements

APS scored a 90% rating in this category compared to the 89% industry average. Our software is logically designed for the end user, making workflows and employee information easy to navigate.

Average User Adoption

APS’ average user adoption score is 15% higher than the industry average. We hold a 90% rating compared to the standard 75%. APS’ user-friendly technology promotes quick adoption so businesses can earn a faster investment return.

A usable system enables customers to perform tasks efficiently and confidently. If your payroll and HR software doesn’t simplify your workforce tasks, it can cost your company time, money, and resources.

Software Implementation

APS received three #1 rankings in G2’s Implementation Index this quarter, outperforming companies like Paychex and UKG. We earned badges for Most Implementable overall, Most Implementable among mid-market companies, and Highest User Adoption.

Here’s how customers rated APS’ technology and services in the implementation category:

Ease of Setup

APS has an 85% ease of setup rating compared to the 82% industry average. Our software is easy for organizations to set up and immediately start using, so they can reap the benefits of automation.

Highest user Adoption

APS has a 91% user adoption rating compared to the 81% industry average, earning us the Highest User Adoption award in the overall payroll and HR category. As a top-performing software company, our technology and implementation services help businesses achieve user adoption for better results.

Time to Go Live (Months)

APS’ time to go live is 2.43 months compared to the industry average of 3.8 months. You can process your first accurate payroll with APS 56% faster than with other vendors.

Payroll and HR software must be configured to meet your specific needs before it can automate your processes. A successful implementation ensures your data is set up accurately, is ready to go live in a reasonable amount of time, and is configured for optimal adoption by users.

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Investment Results ​

APS earned the #1 ranking on G2’s Implementation Index, outranking companies like ADP. We received awards for Best Results Mid-Market, Best Estimated ROI for Small Businesses, and Users Most Likely to Recommend.

Here’s how clients rate APS in the results category:

Likelihood to Recommend

APS is rated 91% likelihood to recommend compared to the 86% industry average. Customers recommend our software because it consistently meets their needs and expectations. When a payroll and HR provider meets your needs, you’re more likely to be satisfied with your investment and usage of their system.

Estimated ROI (Months)

APS earned a Best Estimated ROI award for Small Businesses because our customers’ return on their investment is 17.54 months compared to the 21.09-month industry average. Our workforce solution unifies payroll and HR data, so leaders have the accuracy and transparency needed to make informed decisions that maximize returns.

Meets Requirements

 APS’ meets requirements score is 93% compared to the 89% industry average. Clients achieve their best return on investment because we offer a personalized, hands-on experience that meets their needs.

When you partner with a provider that focuses on your long-term satisfaction and success, you’ll see results much more quickly. Our technology solves our customers’ concerns and enables them to utilize our system, which leads to quicker ROI.

Customer Relationship

APS received six #1 rankings on G2’s Relationship Index, outearning companies like Paycom and Paylocity. We received badges for Best Relationship, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Best Support among mid-market businesses, Users Most Likely to Recommend and Best Support among small businesses, and Best Support for any payroll and HR provider overall.

Here’s how APS’ support and success services performed in the relationship category:

Ease of Doing Business With

APS’ score is 93% compared to the 88% industry average. We make it easy to do business with us by offering various ways for customers to receive support and learn how to utilize our system better.

Quality of Support

APS consistently ranks in the 95th percentile for providing the highly-personalized support, compared to an 87% industry average. As a result, we earned #1 badges on G2 for Best Support Small Business, Best Support Mid-Market, and Best Support for a payroll and HR provider overall. Our unique support model offers our clients the day-to-day assistance they need and a proactive resource that helps them meet their goals.

Software providers must establish long-term relationships with their clients to achieve long-term results. A vendor focused on the client experience is often recommended. They are easy to do business with when problems occur and offer personalized support that helps you maximize your system usage.

Why APS is Different

Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier. We’ve accomplished this by developing efficient, usable, and adoptable technology and creating a personalized client experience. The result is our customers’ long-term satisfaction, and the G2 rankings summarize what makes APS unique in the payroll and HR space.

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