APS Expands ACA Compliance Tools in Latest Release

APS recently released additional tools and features in their software, APS OnLine. This release expands ACA tools with the new ACA Dashboard & more.

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APS Expands ACA Compliance Tools in Latest Release

Shreveport, LA – March 2, 2015 – APS, a leader in cloud-based workforce management solutions and payroll tax compliance services, recently released additional tools and features in their software, APS OnLine. This release includes an expansion of Affordable Care Act (ACA) tools with the new ACA Dashboard and an upgrade to the total compensation reporting feature.

This release to the APS technology platform advances the company’s mission to provide a unified cloud solution encompassing core HR, payroll, and time & attendance with extensive ACA compliance tools.

APS ACA Dashboard ACA Dashboard in the Core HR Console of APS OnLine

New ACA Dashboard

APS now offers an additional ACA compliance tool, the ACA Dashboard, which helps organizations determine which variable hour employees worked enough hours during the designated measurement period to qualify for health coverage. The ACA Dashboard works in conjunction with the Core HR Console and Benefits Administration.

The ACA Dashboard can be used to:

  • Measure and create reports for variable hour employees.
  • Determine which variable hour employees qualify for coverage.
  • Notify employees when they become eligible for coverage.

The ACA Dashboard shows a variety of employee data for ACA compliance management:

  • Current measurement, administrative, and stability periods.
  • Variable hour employees currently being measured.
  • Variable hour employees who are eligible for benefits based on the information gathered during the measurement period. This will include employees who were in initial measurement periods.
  • Eligible employees whose average hours were above 30 hours per week but were not offered coverage.
  • Part-time employees who are not marked as ACA variable hour.
  • ACA variable hour employees who are not marked as part-time.

Initial configuration of the ACA Dashboard includes activating an organization’s measurement period and enabling ACA compliance alerts. These two settings streamline and simplify the process of ensuring all eligible employees are receiving health benefits and Section 6056 reporting to the IRS.

New ACA Dashboard Alerts

Once the ACA Dashboard is configured, ACA alerts appear in the Core HR Console under Benefits Administration and ACA Compliance Alerts section for an easy view of employees who are eligible for coverage.

ACA alerts: Core HR ConsoleACA Alerts in the Core HR Console of APS OnLine

New Measurement Period Management

Once an organization’s measurement periods are configured, APS takes care of the heavy lifting:

  • ACA dashboard alerts appear when employees become eligible for coverage.
  • Employees can easily be notified of eligibility and can enroll in benefits online using the employee self-service site, eSELFSERVE.COM.
  • All employee data is housed in the APS centralized database for simplified Section 6056 reporting to the IRS.
Employee Benefits Management: Benefits AdministrationView of Managing Employee Benefits in Benefits Administration

APS offers several tools and features to help manage ACA compliance:

  1. Reporting aggregate cost of health insurance
  2. Applicable large employer (ALE) calculation
  3. Health insurance marketplace notices
  4. Part-time staff management
  5. Benefit plan enrollment tracking
  6. Average hours compensated per week reporting
  7. ACA dashboard for measurement periods and alerts *NEW*
  8. Health plan coverage reporting (Section 6056 reporting)

To learn more about how APS can help with ACA compliance, download our 8 Ways to Manage ACA Compliance with APS guide.

Improved Total Compensation Reporting

The new and improved total compensation report layout provides a more powerful representation of an employer’s total investment and contribution to each employee. The report educates employees with complete transparency into their true compensation, beyond base pay. Employees see a breakdown of all investments an employer makes in their employment such as benefits, retirement, and training. The report can either be printed and given to employees or uploaded to eSELFSERVE.COM using the core HR cloud storage feature, making for easy distribution at the end of the year. The report can even have a customized message added for each employee.

APS Total Compensation ReportTotal Compensation Report Example

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