May, 2020

APS Expands its COVID-19 Offerings to Help Businesses

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APS Expands its COVID-19 Offerings to Help Businesses

Businesses are continuing to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many state economies are still on lockdown and many employees are still working remotely. Through it all, APS has continued working to ensure our payroll and HR system meets the COVID-19 compliance needs of companies across the country.

In our latest software release, APS has expanded our COVID-19 compliance offerings to help businesses manage the complexity of tracking and reporting additional information. The result is the addition of an FFCRA dashboard and PPP loan forgiveness report.

FFCRA Dashboard

This dashboard provides more detailed insight into the FFCRA Tax Credit utilization data:

  • The number of employees paid
  • The total amount paid
  • The amount of credit taken

A link to this dashboard is also available on the COVID-19 tile on the Main Menu for easy access.

FFCRA Dashboard

FFCRA Dashboard

PPP Forgiveness Report in COVID-19 Tile

PPP Forgiveness Report on the COVID-19 Dashboard Tile

PPP Loan Forgiveness Report

This report helps businesses calculate how far along they are in the eight-week forgiveness period. It is filed with a company’s PPP lender to report current payroll activity related to the Paycheck Protection Program loan.

super helpful

“APS is super helpful and, because I could simply download my payroll tax documents that were reliably filed during the past year, I was able to obtain a PPP loan easily.”

Janet Risher

Shift Key LLC

The PPP loan forgiveness report runs in seconds, making it easy to provide required documentation to PPP lenders without having to manually pull data from multiple sources. The PPP forgiveness report provides detailed payroll information, including:

  • Gross Pay
  • Housing
  • Deductions
  • SUTA Tax
PPP Forgiveness Report Results

PPP Forgiveness Report on the COVID-19 Dashboard Tile

FFCRA Tax Credit Report

FFCRA Tax Credit Report

Additional Reporting Available

APS has also updated reporting available in the Report Manager:

  • The Payroll Allocation and Department Summary reports now accurately reflect Employer portions of Social Security when COVID related income items are included in payroll processing.
  • The new FFCRA Tax Credit report provides information on the overall utilization of the FFCRA tax credit for compliance purposes.

Additional COVID-19 Tools

In addition to these latest features, APS also provides the following COVID-19 compliance offerings: 

  • Four separate qualified sick leave income types for easier Form 941 reporting of FFCRA tax credits. The revised Form 941 has 23 new lines of information required to file the return.
  • Automated credits owed to qualified sick employees to eliminate manual calculations and the potential for errors.
  • Simplified IRS document management for employees requesting emergency leave under the FFCRA.
  • Option to delay Social Security tax payments under the CARES Act.
  • Paycheck Protection Program export to assist employers in the calculation of the PPP loan amount.
  • COVID-19 dashboard tile that displays important information and links for easy access to relevant data.
  • COVID-19 Response Team of FFCRA and CARES Act experts who provide additional customer support.

APS Is Here to Help

We are working closely with our customers to ensure we are providing the tools and resources they need to navigate through this challenging time. Our COVID-19 Response Team meets daily to review legislation changes and address customer questions. Our development team is working at a rapid pace to release features and functionality businesses need now. As always, APS remains committed to making payroll and HR easier for our clients.

APS is closely monitoring all tax regulation changes to ensure we are helping minimize customer compliance burdens during this time. As we become aware of new policies and procedures, we are frequently updating our Help Center and COVID-19 Resources Hub.

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