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APS Launches Developer API to Enhance Internal Reporting

APS is excited to announce the release of our Developer API to automate the exchange of data for a more efficient flow of information and more detailed metrics.

Businesses typically use several systems to manage their data. However, this multi-system approach can make it challenging to synthesize data in a way that provides business intelligence. Therefore, many organizations use a platform that aggregates data from many sources into actionable insights for better decision-making.

Our Application Programming Interface (API) makes this possible by enabling data transfer between payroll/HR and other systems that can aggregate multiple data points. APS is excited to announce the release of our Developer API to automate the exchange of data for a more seamless, efficient flow of information and more detailed metrics.

The goal of APS’ Developer API is to give organizations easier access to their data for internal reporting needs. With the ability to sync payroll and HR data into other platforms, our customers can make more confident decisions.

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Why Create a Developer API?

Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier, so we want to make it easier for businesses to access their data for internal reporting needs. Our Developer API allows users to connect their internal systems and reporting tools to the APS platform for automation.

Our API connects and integrates payroll and HR systems for streamlined data sharing. Our API offers GET (read-only) endpoints to access your data.

What Can I Access with the APS Developer API?

Here are some of the endpoints users can currently access:

More endpoints are being added, including POST/PUT (write) endpoints that organizations can use to update data.

Power BI Connector

Power BI users now have an easy way to connect their data in reports without the time-consuming task of loading it into a data warehouse or having developers on staff. The only limit to creating reports using APS data is a user’s imagination and Power BI skills.

For example, HR wants to automate reports with employees and their wages across multiple EINs in a specific format, with visibility limited to certain managers. HR can accomplish this using the Power BI connector and row-level security.

Power BI users can:

Example of an HR Dashboard Built Using the Power BI Connector

APS is the first and only payroll provider to offer direct Power BI connectivity*, equipping organizations with the tools they need to achieve deeper insights and make informed decisions.

How Our Developer API Helps Businesses

Our API also makes it easier for HR teams to make more informed decisions using up-to-date and accurate payroll data. Current APS clients can visit the APS Help Center or our API developer site for more information. If you’re interested in learning more about our API, reach out to your support team or contact us.

*APS does not support Power BI

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