APS Online Timesheets Now Available

APS Online Timesheets Now Available

APS is pleased to announce the release of Online Timesheets, our newest time capture option. Learn more about this time capture option.

APS Online Timesheets Now Available

APS is pleased to announce the release of Online Timesheets, our newest time capture option. The APS OnLine Time & Attendance console now offers four time capture methods: Quick Punch, Desktop Login, Biometric Verification, and rounding out the group, Timesheets. Customers currently using the Time & Attendance console will now have to option of utilizing multiple time capture methods as they see fit.

Timesheets are an efficient way for exempt or non-exempt staff that do not typically clock in to report hours worked or exception hours such as sick or vacation time. The addition of Timesheets will streamline the collection of data and provide a more comprehensive labor management solution when paired with existing time capture methods.

Reporting Time

The Timesheets feature allows employees to enter their time on the timesheet when they log in to the APS employee self-service portal, eSELFSERVE.com. There are two interface options in Timesheets:

1) An employee may enter the total hours worked per day -or-
2) An employee may enter the start and end times worked per day

Once an employee has finished entering their time, supervisors or payroll administrators will complete an online approval process to review employee Timesheets and ensure that reporting deadlines are met.

Reporting Additional Income Types

Timesheets also offer a convenient way for employees to report additional income types, such as mileage and PTO, based on either units, dollars, or hours. As part of the configuration and setup process, your company can determine which income types show up on the Timesheet.

Departments and General Ledger Reporting

Employees who are assigned to multiple departments will have the ability to report time worked to specific departments to accurately capture labor expenses. This can also be done for additional income types that have been set up to be included on the Timesheet.

As part of the overall flow of data through the payroll process, these expenses and associated liabilities will be allocated according to the general ledger setup and be charged to the appropriate general ledger accounts.

Health Care Reform and Time & Attendance

An automated time and attendance solution will play a critical role in maintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act by allowing companies to proactively track employee hours worked, create an audit trail, and store employee records in one easy-to-access online location.