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APS Recognized With Twitter and Hubspot As Best Software For Businesses

APS Recognized With Twitter and HubSpot as Best Software Solution for Businesses

APS has ranked #6 for Highest Satisfaction Product on G2 and has been recognized as a Best Software Product. Learn what this means for you.

APS has been recognized as a Best Software Product, Highest Satisfaction Product, and Top HR Product by G2, a leading software research platform that uses authentic user feedback. APS ranked #6 out of thousands of software vendors listed on G2 for Highest Satisfaction Products, outranking all other payroll providers. APS also earned a G2 spot in the Top 100 Best Software Products for our payroll solution and the Top 50 Products for HR. Receiving these prestigious awards is an honor for a Louisiana-based company like APS, earning a top-tier ranking alongside global platforms like HubSpot and Twitter.

You may be wondering what Highest Satisfaction and Best Product awards are and why they matter to your business. In this article, we’ll discuss what the Highest Satisfaction and Best Software awards are, as well as how G2 chose the top 100 lists. We’ll also talk about leveraging research tools like these lists to select a payroll and HR platform that’s right for you.

What is the Highest Achievement Award?

This award recognizes a vendor dedicated to creating an overall positive customer experience, whether through personalized support, proactive success programs, or training initiatives.

A vendor who earns this award may utilize customer satisfaction indexes (CSIs) or net promoter scores (NPS) to determine client happiness and proactively establish solutions focused on the user experience. It’s incredibly prestigious for an organization to earn an award that directly correlates with customer satisfaction since the software marketplace is heavily saturated.

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What Are Best Software Product Awards?

Best Software Product awards demonstrate a vendor’s commitment to create innovative products and that solve user problems. Based on customer satisfaction and market presence scoring, these awards represent vendors that continually pave the path for customer usability and experience. APS earned spots on both the Top 100 Best Software Products and Top 50 Best HR Products lists because of our approach to providing software solutions that make payroll and HR easier.

Awards and rankings like these show APS’ commitment to providing its customers with technology that makes payroll and HR easier throughout their workdays. As a payroll and HR software company with dedicated customer support and success teams, APS works diligently to provide clients with timely and proactive solutions.

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Jessica Starks, APS Support Manager

Jessica Starks
APS Support Manager

At APS, our customers come first. We are committed to ensuring our clients do not wait longer than two hours to receive a response from their team. Providing clients with their own team of trained and dedicated support representatives ensures our clients’ needs are always met.

G2 Scoring Methodology

Vendors earn the Highest Satisfaction and Best Software Product awards when they receive at least 100 reviews within a given timeframe. Those reviews must be specific and speak to a customer’s satisfaction with a vendor’s product, platform, and support. APS received over 190 reviews during G2’s award evaluation period. These reviews were compiled into product satisfaction scores and weighted against Net Promoter Scores to determine our company’s ranking. For more information, read the Satisfaction Scoring Methodology and Best Product Scoring Methodology on G2.

These awards and their customer-driven scores reflect APS’ dedication to creating an all-in-one client experience. APS ensures customers receive the best return on their investment, from their first interaction with sales and implementation to their ongoing relationships with support and success.

Leveraging These Awards In Your Business Investments

Utilizing awards like Highest Satisfaction, Best Software Product, and Top HR Product provide businesses with vital research intel needed to cut through the noisy technology marketplace. Researching payroll and HR providers can be overwhelming and time-consuming. These achievements give you the information to focus on software providers that offer strategic partnerships focused on your goals and success.

Furthermore, because the award scores include authentic customer feedback, you get a sense of what it’s like to work with a software vendor before committing. This information gives you the confidence to make a more insightful decision that supports your company’s growth initiatives.

How APS Prioritizes The Customer Experience

At APS, we focus on what we can do to make payroll and HR tasks easier for our customers. Since 2014, we have consistently ranked on G2 for categories like Usability, Best Relationship, and Most Implementable. These awards represent our commitment to the client experience. When you work with APS, you receive the following support and success benefits:

  • Lifetime Training: Receive lifetime training from our team of experts to help you master the APS system at no additional cost to you.
  • Dedicated Support: Leverage a four-person dedicated support team that is just a phone call, email, or support request away to answer any questions you may have.
  • Commitment to Success: Partner with a success coordinator who understands your business, challenges, and goals for a quicker return on your investment.

With APS, you’ll gain a workforce partner committed to your success and focused on providing you personalized customer experience.

April Remedies, Vice President of Client Services

April Remedies
APS Vice President of Client Services

Our Success team is dedicated to ensuring the best client experience possible. We understand that each client is different and has different needs. Our team connects one-on-one with the client once they transition from Implementation. We engage the client and work collaboratively with them to create a roadmap for success – setting goals, providing best practices, and creating opportunities for efficiencies and continued growth.

Choose Your Next Payroll and HR Provider Wisely

It’s not just about a solution’s bells and whistles! Look beyond the software and partner with a company that not only cares about your success but has the service model, reviews, and awards to prove it.

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