December, 2017

APS Named Top Performer by FeaturedCustomers

APS Awarded Top Performer Honors in FeaturedCustomers.com Payroll Software Report

APS has been recognized as a Top Performer of Payroll Software Vendors in the FeaturedCustomers.com 2017 Winter Payroll Software Customer Success Report. This information, published on December 12, 2017, mentions several payroll software options to give prospects better insight on which solution would work best for them. The Top Performers, according to the report, are “vendors with significant market presence and enough customer reference content to validate their vision.” A Top Performer’s products are highly rated by its customers. Those mentioned alongside APS were Patriot Software, Brightpay UK, Zenefits, Justworks, Paychex, and Namely.

The customer success report is compiled from over 1,400 pieces of verified reference content gathered to achieve the Customer Success Score. The FeaturedCustomers.com Customer Success score is comprised from three factors and is the weighted average of the following scores: Content Score, Social Score, and Company Score. The guide shows APS’s Total Weighted Score of 85; an average of APS’s Customer Score of 91 and Social Score of 63.

“With the large payroll company we used before, we were a little fish in a big sea of customers. Whenever we had a problem or a question, we had to re-explain our scenario every time, and we never felt important. With APS, they recognize our voice when we call; they care about our mission, and the personal care we have consistently received has been exceptional.
- Chris H., APS Payroll Solution Review

APS is proud to be recognized as a Payroll Software Top Performer by FeaturedCustomers.com and strives to be a leader in human capital management and customer experience. To read the full article highlighting the top payroll vendors, click here. The full report, which includes the breakdown of each payroll provider’s score and featured customer reviews, can be found here.

How APS can help

APS brings innovation and scalability to modern human capital management. We believe that our clients, their employees, and our partners deserve the best, easy-to-use human capital management platform delivered with personalized service and support. We build our technologies from the ground up, focusing on usability, efficiency, and adoption so our clients can have the most positive experience possible. APS is becoming one of the most distinguishable payroll solution providers around, and our achievements really prove it to be true.

About FeaturedCustomers.com

FeaturedCustomers.com is the world’s leading customer success reference platform for B2B business software and services and helps potential buyers research and discover business solutions through vendor validated customer references content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. With over 271,617 pieces of customer content, FeaturedCustomers.com gives businesses the opportunity to tell their story through their customers’ success and is changing the way purchasing decisions are made.

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