November, 2017

How An ATS Will Help You Hire More Superstars

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How An ATS Will Help You Hire More Superstars

All truly great companies begin with a person and a dream. Businesses are never started by small-minded people, so you should be hiring people who have the same mindset as the company. But the more your company grows, the less time you have to devote to carving out a hiring process. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, it’s time to look at implementing a unified applicant tracking system (ATS). Let’s talk about how an ATS will help you hire more superstars.

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

In order to attract the right talent, you need to dazzle them with a spectacular first impression. Showstopping career pages and an easy application process allows you to attract superstars with ease. Here’s how to really roll out the red carpet and give your applicants the VIP treatment:

  • Showcase your company with an attractive, branded career page for the best first impression.
  • Promote your jobs with maximum exposure to thousands of applicants on top job boards.
  • Create a streamlined process with mobile-optimized job applications.
Rolling Out The Red Carpet
Hire The Best & Brightest

Hire the Best and Brightest

Now that you’ve gotten your applicant’s attention, you need to move them along the hiring process efficiently. Manager’s time is precious, and you need to find that magic formula for consistently making great hires. An ATS can help in that endeavor by allowing managers to:

  • Fast track the contenders with prescreen questions and benchmark assessments to narrow down the right candidates quickly.
  • Accurately evaluate the best of the bunch with in-depth interview guides and scorecards.
  • Hire confidently by utilizing reference and background checks to get a true picture of who you’re considering.
  • Choose who you want to interview, invite candidates, and reserve appointments in real time.
  • Easily meet with candidates via telephone, in person, or a video conferencing system.
  • Run employment background checks in just a few clicks and view reports that are easy to understand and compliant with state and federal laws.

It’s Showtime!

Now that you’ve found the perfect candidate, it’s time to welcome them to the team. Minimize employee turnover and foster new hire engagement with an onboarding process that sets the stage for success.

  • Send offer letters that can be reviewed and signed from any device.
  • Improve new hire orientation by giving the employee the tools they need to learn and acclimate.
  • Create new hire checklists for orientation and training items so employees and managers onboard consistently.
  • Go paperless with a secure system so new hire forms are completed correctly and stored electronically to ensure compliance.
It's Showtime!
Hr Mangers, Take A Bow

HR Managers, Take A Bow

It’s time for HR managers to get the recognition they deserve. With an easy-to-use applicant tracking system, hiring is made easier for everyone.

  • Decrease employee turnover by building a consistent, streamlined hiring process from start to finish.
  • Increase efficiency with software that takes the busywork out of hiring.
  • Use reporting and analytics to set team goals, ensure continued success, and drive company growth.

Having a fine-tuned recruiting, hiring and onboarding process can help set your company up for continued success. And with all the new superstars headed your way, there’s no way that your company won’t shine!



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