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November, 2015

Carrier Connections: Easy, Compliant Benefits Administration

Carrier Connections: Easy, Compliant Benefits Administration

Moving benefits administration to the cloud brings secure, seamless integration between your organization’s core HR system and benefits providers. Using APS Payroll’s Carrier Connections, you can make your benefits administration easier and more automated, compliant, and error-free.

The Carrier Connections feature in the APS core HR system is a cloud-based service that automates benefit enrollment data management through pre-built, fully managed integrations with benefit insurance carriers and providers. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into carriers’ web portals – reducing the risk of errors – and it also means HR staff does not need to prepare and update enrollment reports for benefits carriers.

Here’s how it works: Carrier Connections automatically extracts your benefits data and transmits it to your benefits carriers on the schedule determined by each carrier. Benefit administrators can also run ad hoc updates as needed. Setting up the schedule is simple, and once set, updates run automatically. Now, you don’t have to worry about overlooking employees who should be enrolled in coverage or terminated employees who should no longer receive coverage. All employee benefit changes are sent to your insurance providers automatically.

Carrier Connections

APS’s Carrier Connections automatically sends enrollment data to plan providers.

Benefits data transmitted to providers is always secure, from extraction to delivery. There is no manual intervention in the process that could compromise security. Sensitive benefits data is protected with SFTP & SSL Internet security protocols and authentication certificates. As for compliance, Carrier Connections supports all applicable standards and protocols, including the HIPPAA 834 standard and its variations, as well as proprietary carrier formats.

How APS can help

APS offers a unified HR platform with a self-service portal that empowers and engages your employees with access to relevant HR information. Self-service gives your employees and managers the power to be more productive from any device. Communicate important information, delegate tasks, and ensure accountability all from one centralized solution.

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