August, 2016

Contemplating A One-Person HR Department?

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Contemplating A One-Person HR Department?

Business owners may wonder how to best tend to HR department functions while staying on budget. The most common answer usually comes down to finding the right human resources candidate who is willing to become an HR department of one. If you are contemplating an HR department structure built around one trustworthy HR representative, consider these essential points before going forward.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Running an HR Department of One

Just like any size or type of department in your business, you will discover the positives and negatives that your human resources management representative will face each day:


Independent-minded and highly organized HR professionals will relish this position. These solitary workers do not need to worry about adhering to a traditional HR department structure and can focus on finding their own path toward efficiency. Whether using a new approach or trying an innovative HR management software program, a one-person HR department can evolve to fit the needs of your growing company.


The single-staffer position is action-packed, and it is often challenging to take on multiple roles. An ordinary day for many employees performing HR department functions independently generally involves handling several HR tasks — from recruiting and benefits to training and employee relations. Your staffer holding this key role must focus on complying with and enforcing rules in place, thus also ensuring that employees do the same.


Potential Obstacles

One distinct disadvantage that a one-person HR staff member might face is the inability to bounce ideas and problems around with team members who are readily familiar with the HR department structure and its regulations.

You also need to keep in mind the expertise involved with the role of HR management so you can develop some sort of backup plan for holidays, leaves or an employee’s possible departure from your company.


One-Person HR Vs. No HR

If you are like most employers, your business probably hinges on your valued employees. Your relationship with your staff comes with mutual responsibility, and your HR representative will have specialized knowledge to help you meet your responsibilities more easily than if you had to learn all the federal, state and local regulations with which you must comply. Your reliable one-person HR employee will accept and review job applications, meet with prospective job candidates, research competitive wages and salaries for positions, help develop a benefits package, and many other tasks that would detract from your daily tasks of running the core of your operations.

Running Solo

Running an Efficient HR Department Solo

While challenging, running a one-person HR department is workable with the right attitude and strategy from your HR professional. A few key considerations for a single-person HR representative include the following:

  • Practice good time management.
  • Research and comply with all legal updates without lapses.
  • Develop strong relationships with management for a sense of peer support and team effort.
  • Request HR management software to help with daily tasks.

Getting the Right Support

Once finding a dauntless person for the role of human resources management, it is important to understand all the challenges he or she might face and find ways to lend support. A high-quality, cloud-based HR management software package can help your one-person HR team thrive.

APS can help your HR representative unify, manage and engage your workforce. Please reach out to us to request a demo and learn all that our unified workforce management solution can do for you.

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