Converting to a New Payroll Provider

Converting to a new payroll provider is as simple as four easy steps. Here, we outline those steps so you can switch to a new payroll vendor confidently.

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Converting to a New Payroll Provider

Four Steps to a Successful Conversion

Converting to a New Payroll ProviderMany companies want to convert to a new payroll processing vendor but are hesitant to make a change. Companies may become worried that the process will be long and arduous, resulting in issues such as missing payroll periods or data errors. APS understands these pain points and has streamlined the conversion process to minimize the amount of work required by new customers. Simply provide APS with your company data and we’ll take care of the rest. The result is our successful four-step implementation process.

Step 1 – Sales Consultation

Given the complexity of workforce solutions and the multitude of capabilities that will impact your company, our sales consultants are involved from the very beginning. APS sales consultants are seasoned professionals with the experience and knowledge to understand your needs and requirements to recommend the best solution.

Sales consultants also stay involved throughout the implementation process to ensure requirements get transferred and promises are kept. From the first implementation meeting through to your first payroll processed with APS OnLine, your sales consultant will be involved to ensure a smooth conversion.

Step 2 – Implementation

System Configuration – Leveraging System Flexibility & Automation

The APS unified cloud solution, APS OnLine, provides flexibility to each customer. The result is a single system where all data is housed in one database. It is very common for companies to convert from older systems that have limited flexibility and do not meet all their needs. The result can be a patchwork of temporary fixes to circumvent the shortcomings of an older system. Your APS implementation manager has the experience to translate the difference in the systems and suggest improvements that will increase productivity, reduce the potential for errors, and drive down costs.

Whether your company has employee garnishments, non-cash fringe benefits, or complex vacation policies, our implementation team will configure APS OnLine to meet your unique requirements. The result is a solution that molds to your company’s structure.

Data Conversion

One of the most important steps of the conversion process is migrating company data out of the old system and into APS OnLine accurately. New customers come to APS often out of frustration with a previous system. To ensure your data will be correct, APS performs specific tasks:

  • Data Conversion – Enter year-to-date history so all W-2s are generated by APS. APS can also import payroll and employee data from previous years.
  • Payroll Assessment – Perform a payroll compliance assessment to reconcile data history.
  • Validate Accuracy – Run parallel payrolls prior to the first live payroll submission to confirm data and tax settings are correct.

Tailored Integrations

APS OnLine’s established integrations include more than 100 of the most popular business applications and vendors, and this list continues to grow. If a new integration needs to be built…we build it. Since APS has built and owns its own technology and employs in-house developers, we build all of our data integrations. The result is a tailored solution for each customer, produced effortlessly and efficiently.

APS receives upwards of 50% of its new customers from existing customer referrals. We consistently achieve a 98% customer retention rate and a majority of our customer base is comprised of mid-sized companies. We attribute this success to the care we take during the conversion process.

Step 3 – Training

A unified cloud solution like APS OnLine is only as good as your understanding of how to use its capabilities to improve business practices. During the training process, APS is focused on ensuring your company receives the knowledge and information needed to succeed and grow.

Confidence in Every Click

During implementation, your dedicated APS trainer will create a training plan to meet any unique deployment needs. This one-on-one approach to guiding our customers through the system’s features gives you confidence in every click. Some APS training topics include:

  • APS Online Overview and Employee Maintenance
  • Time & Attendance (Console) Training
  • Time Supervisor Training
  • Payroll Workflow (Console) Training
  • GL Setup and Report Training
  • HRIS (Console) Deployment
  • Benefits Admin/Enrollment
  • Reporting

Step 4 – Customer Support

All too often, customers are forgotten with other vendors after the polish of a new deal wears off. Our goal is to give you the tools needed to maximize efficiency, minimize overhead, and achieve business objectives.

A Seamless Transitions from Implementation to Support

APS will assign your company a dedicated account manager from our support team upon completion of implementation and the successful processing of your first payroll. We maintain the positive momentum of implementation by having several scheduled meetings during the transition from Implementation to Support to ensure all details about your account are communicated accurately.

The Beginning of a Successful Partnership

Your dedicated account manager is available to help with day-to-day questions or requests that may arise. Customers are welcomed to call, email, and submit requests online in addition to leveraging reference materials available as a standard part of APS OnLine.

Getting Started

Beginning a conversion with APS is easy! Simply contact our sales team and one of our payroll experts will help you get the process started.