APS Releases New Accounting, 401k Integrations

APS has released its list of seven integration services developed in the first half of 2010. These include accounting, 401k, time and attendance, and more.

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New Accounting, 401k, and Time & Attendance Integrations

APS has released its list of seven integration services developed in the first half of 2010. These integrations are available to users of APS OnLine, the company’s flagship product, as a means of streamlining the peripheral functions of payroll and making payroll processing more efficient. As a result of integrations, be it time and attendance imports or accounting exports, companies can eliminate data entry and minimize errors.

Accounting & General Ledger Integrations:

APS Payroll Software Integration - Great PlainsAPS Payroll Software Integration - DeltekAPS Payroll Software Integration - Intacct

Retirement Plan (401k, 403b) Integrations:

APS Payroll Software Integration - TIAA CREFAPS Payroll Software Integration - The StandardAPS Payroll Software Integration - Wachovia

Additional Integrations:

Another type of integration new this year is the Capital One Bank positive pay integration. A positive pay file helps your bank detect possible fraudulent check writing activity by cross-referencing checks presented for cashing against a list of your transmitted checks. If the check presented doesn’t have a match in your file, the bank notifies you of the exception and you choose to pay or return the check.

APS has over 100 established integrations which fit any sized company’s needs. Whether your small business needs a check register export to Quickbooks or your corporation reports 401K and benefit information to a third party, APS can integrate with your peripheral systems to automate and streamline your payroll process.

Check out our a complete list of our data integrations on our site.

About APS:

Founded in 1996, APS is a technology leader online payroll and tax compliance services. Thousands of businesses across the country rely on APS to eliminate tax compliance risk, as well as streamline and improve company performance. APS OnLine, the company’s proprietary web-based technology uses a single platform design that includes payroll, human resources, and time & attendance.