March, 2018

APS Named SaaS 1000 Fastest Growing Company

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APS Named SaaS 1000 Fastest Growing Company

APS is proud to announce its inclusion on The SaaS 1000 Fastest Growing Companies list for the 1st Quarter of 2018. The list highlights the top growing SaaS companies based on an algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators and the number of employees. APS is listed with other top SaaS companies including Vimeo, Eventbrite, and Zoom.

Since our founding in 1996, the APS mission has always been to provide exceptional workforce technology and services that simplify the lives of our clients’ employees, managers, and administrators. Achieving a consistent annual growth rate of over 25% the past ten years while maintaining a 98% customer retention rate indicates we are accomplishing that mission. Our appearance at #355 on the SaaS 1000 list is solid proof we are heading in the right direction.

SaaS 1000 Badge

Tom Blue
Founder, SaaS 1000

The SaaS sector continues its high growth. In fact, based on our tracking and analysis, the velocity is increasing. This quarter’s Top 1000 companies grew faster than last quarter’s list. Congrats to these accelerating companies.

We love helping our customers scale their human capital management needs with a single-system platform for payroll, HR, attendance, recruiting, onboarding, and ACA. We enjoy providing our customers with solutions that improve their efficiency, usability, and adoption. With our proprietary software developed in-house and our unique support model, it’s no wonder APS is blazing a trail of growth.

To be included in the list, the SaaS organization must be between 40 and 1000 employees. This list is intended to highlight the movers and shakers of the SaaS industry and recognize performance and growth within the industry.

How APS can help

APS brings innovation and scalability to modern human capital management. We believe that our clients, their employees, and our partners deserve the best, easy-to-use human capital management platform delivered with personalized service and support. We build our technologies from the ground up, focusing on usability, efficiency, and adoption so our clients can have the most positive experience possible. APS is becoming one of the most distinguishable human capital management solution providers around, and our achievements really prove it to be true.

About SaaS 1000

The SaaS 1000 is a side project of Lead411 to index the fastest growing SaaS companies. The list highlights the top growing SaaS companies based on an algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators and number of employees.

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