Mobile is Key to HR and Payroll Self Service

Mobile is key to HR and payroll self service. More than ever, high-performing organizations offer manager and employee self service for better engagement.

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Mobile is Key to HR and Payroll Self Service

Mobile is Key to HR and Payroll Self ServiceMore than ever, high-performing organizations offer manager and employee self service, allowing individuals to access information on their pay history, benefits, schedules, and other HR services remotely, any time of day, without requiring the time or expense of a phone call or conversation with an HR professional.

Mobile HR and payroll access is a key component to successful self service. Increasingly, employees want and even expect the capability to use their smartphones to view pay stubs and benefits information, just as they would check online bills or account balances. Managers and decision-makers are more likely to use workforce management data if they can access it anytime and anywhere. Self service also frees up HR resources to focus on activities to grow the business.

94% of Best-in-Class organizations have at least some manager and employee self-serve functionality in place.

—Aberdeen Group, Workforce Management 2012: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Engagement

Furthermore, as organizations expand with workforces at multiple locations and in multiple states, having a total workforce management solution with unified core HR and built-in self service will reduce costs and be a critical driver to improve engagement among employees and managers.

To truly manage their entire workforce, organizations should use self-service and mobile solutions that are on the same platform as their total workforce management technology. This ensures accurate data and transparency into the changelog history, and having a unified backend system makes it much easier to build mobile self-service and online applications.

Without a total workforce management solution with a unified back-end system to build mobile self service and online applications, delivering this increasingly important capability would be nearly impossible.

Manager Self Service
The APS system includes APS Mobile, which allows managers and employees to access important information on the go.

The Mobile technology adoption in our personal lives is almost universal and a large part of how individuals interact and communicate with the world around them. If we want to meet our workforce where they are, then look to Mobile devices as the answer. Mobile goes beyond phones in a world where tablets, phablets, headsets, and Wearables are all part of the Mobile conversation, so organizations need to think less about any one device and more about how to optimize information and communication for multiple delivery devices in a wireless environment.
—Sierra-Cedar 2014–2015 Survey White Paper