Time to Check Off Your Last Year-End Processing Task!

Time to Check Off Your Last Year-End Processing Task

You made it through the year! The last item remaining to complete your 2016 year-end processing checklist is distributing W-2s to your employees. This may seem easy enough, but with that process comes many questions. The biggest being:

“Why is the wage amount on my final pay stub different than what is shown on my W-2?”

This year, when you distribute your W-2s, give your employees this convenient handout to reference when viewing their information.

Our handout is the best way to communicate with your employees about their W-2s.

If your employees are receiving paper copies only, communicate when they can expect to receive their Form W-2s in the mail. If you have the option to provide your employees with online access to their W-2s, let them know how they can access their copies.

Just a reminder: February 1, 2017 is the deadline to distribute W-2s to your employees and 1099s to contractors.

For more information, get your complete guide to managing year-end payroll and tax processing like a champ!

 How APS Can Help

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by another new year, APS can help. The APS Payroll solution can help you will all your Form W-2 needs. We offer a built-in error-checking algorithm that reviews all of your W-2s and identifies any potential errors based on current IRS error codes and allows you to correct errors distributing W-2s to employees.

We’d love to discuss your workforce management wish list and see if our unified platform would be a good fit. Call us today at 855.945.7921 to learn more or request a customized demo.

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