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Using Technology for Employee Development

Workforce management technology helps to keep employees on track, develop their skills, and allows managers to play a more active role.

Using Technology For Employee Development

Workforce Management Technology Fosters Employee Growth

Online or electronic performance reviews replace paper-based processes with a cloud-based solution that keeps employees on track, develops their skills, and allows managers to play a more active role.

One of the many features in the APS cloud-based HR solution, online performance reviews make it easy to monitor employees’ goals and create accountability. Once a performance review is created, both managers and employees can view it in self-service at any time. Managers can more easily motivate employees to increase productivity, as well as rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values.

Employee development may be among the goals identified in an online performance review. Workforce management technology can support employee development by providing self-serve registration for training programs, tracking certifications and keeping managers informed. Employees can view their progress along with their performance review goals in employee self-service, empowering them to take greater responsibility for improvement while increasing personal satisfaction.

What’s Missing from Your Workforce Management?

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