Why “Ease of Admin” in a Core HR Solution is Important

Ease of Admin in a Core HR SolutionAs the HR manager, you navigate rough, choppy waters on a daily basis. At any given time, you’re the captain, pilot, and first mate of your company and you’re doing your best to steer the ship towards revenue and growth. So the last thing you need is a Core HR solution that makes your job harder to perform.

It is important to look for “ease of administrative usability” in a Core HR solution, which simplifies workforce management and allows for delegation of responsibilities. If not, your ship could be headed for storm instead of smooth sailing. Here are three reasons why “ease of admin” is important in a Core HR solution:

1. Benefits Administration

Benefits administration can be challenging. Open enrollment typically occurs around the end of year, which is hectic enough as it is. If you’re still relying on paper-based processes for your open enrollment and benefits administration, you may be experiencing frustrations with conducting enrollment, submitting information to your plan providers, and adjusting your benefit plans as needed. A Core HR solution that is easy to manage makes benefits administration a breeze by automating all of these complex processes in the cloud.

2. ACA Compliance & Reporting

As if you don’t have enough on your plate, there’s this thing called the ACA, and with it comes a slew of tasks that are necessary to maintain compliance and to manage 1094-C and 1095-C reporting each year.

A Core HR solution with built-in ACA compliance management and reporting makes it so much easier to manage these overwhelming tasks:

  • Automated reporting of employer-sponsored coverage amounts on Form W-2s.
  • Easy calculation of FTE employees to determine of your company is an ALE.
  • Document management for online storage of marketplace notices.
  • Point-in-time reports and dashboard alerts so you always know who is eligible for coverage.
  • Simplified 1094-C and 1095-C reporting and e-filing with the IRS.

3. Employee Lifecycle Management

Another way “ease of admin” in a Core HR solution can make your job easier is by simplifying employee lifecycle management. You can even delegate certain responsibilities to managers and employees while maintaining accountability. This can include:

How APS Can Help

APS’s Core HR solution can help with benefits administration, ACA compliance and reporting, employee lifecycle management, and more - all from a centralized database. Our Core HR solution was even recognized in the 2017 G2 Crowd Core HR Usability Index as having the Easiest Admin based on user reviews. Contact us today at 855.945.7921 or schedule a personalized demo!

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