June, 2021

APS Earns HR Customer Experience Awards on G2

We are pleased to announce that APS has earned top-rated HR customer experience awards on G2 for the 9th consecutive quarter in a row. APS has earned over 500 awards on G2 to date. Some of our most recent awards include Best Relationship, Best Support, Best Usability, Easiest To Do Business With, Easiest Admin, and Momentum Leader.

Earning awards like these demonstrate APS’ commitment to the user experience. In an industry where support is one of the most challenging components to execute successfully, it’s an accomplishment for APS to earn a top ranking out of all software providers listed on G2.

While it’s exciting that APS earned these distinguished awards, you might be wondering what this means to you and why these awards matter. This article will discuss what these recognitions mean and how G2 chose APS for these accolades. We’ll also talk about how awards like these can help you select a payroll and HR provider committed to your experience.

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What Are G2 Customer Experience Awards?

G2 customer experience awards are given to payroll and HR providers that demonstrate commitment to product growth and customer support. Badges are awarded across a variety of categories and based on authentic customer feedback. These accolades help HR administrators identify the best software products that fit their needs quickly. For value-added resellers, these awards provide benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis.

The Best Relationship Award

The Best Relationship award goes to payroll and HR providers who score high on G2’s relationship-related review questions. G2 uses an algorithm that factors real-user responses in the HR category against the number of relationship answers provided.

Star Filled

APS ranked #1 in Best Relationship

APS ranked #1 in Best Relatoinsihp across 3 HR categories: Core HR, Benefits Administration, and Mid-Market Workforce Management

These awards are essential because software buyers can compare products in the HR category according to their Relationship scores to streamline the buying process.

G2 Best Relationship Summer Badge
APS Relationship Rating (1)
G2 Best Support Small Business Summer Badge

The Best Support Award

Payroll and HR software companies earn the Best Support award for providing customers with high levels of customer support. This award is based on customer reviews that speak to the levels of user satisfaction and the quality of the service received.

Star Filled

APS ranked #1 in Best Support

APS ranked #1 in Best Support in the Small-Business Workforce Management category.

Payroll and HR software vendors that earn this award consistently rate in the 96th percentile for quality of support, compared to an industry average of 86%. For more information on how this award can benefit you, consider reading our article, Why Customer Support Awards Matter.


Support Scoring G2 Summer 2021

Additional Accolades:

APS also earned the following awards for our HR technology and services:

Easiest to Do Business With Badge Summer 2021

Easiest to Do Business With

Payroll and HR software providers gain this award when they deliver consistent, user-friendly customer experiences.

Best Usability Mid Market HR Management Systems

Best Usability

G2 awards Best Usability to companies that have high user satisfaction ratings and user sentiment.

Easiest Admin Small Business Workforce Management Summer

Easiest Admin

Payroll and HR providers who provide consistent and efficient workforce products earn this award.

Momentum Leader Badge Payroll

Momentum Leader

This award identifies payroll and HR products that are leading the path to software success. G2 customer satisfaction scores, employee growth, and a vendor’s digital presence determine this award.

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Leveraging G2 Awards For Your Organization’s Success

Recognitions like Best Relationship and Best Support provide valuable insight into software vendors. Finding a payroll and HR solution that’s supportive of your company’s unique needs can be complex. However, you can leverage these accolades to your benefit.

Utilizing these awards helps you narrow down your list of prospective software providers. Then, instead of reviewing a neverending list of candidates, you can focus on vendors committed to your organization’s growth and user experience.

How APS Prioritizes the Customer Experience

APS has a mission to make payroll and HR easier for the customers it serves. Since 2014, we have consistently ranked on G2 for characteristics like support, relationship, ease of doing business, and overall customer satisfaction. In addition, we have earned awards across our payroll and HR offerings, showing our commitment to the client experience. Working with APS gives you the following support and success benefits:

  • Dedicated Support: Leverage a reactive, dedicated support team that is there to assist with your day-to-day needs and provides consistent satisfaction and resolution.
  • Commitment to Success: Partner with a success coordinator who proactively works with you to ensure system utilization and adoption for an engaging client experience.
  • Lifetime Training: Our team of experts will help you master the APS system at no additional cost.

When you provide your workforce with the right tools for success, you take an active approach to providing a positive employee experience. To learn more about what APS can do for you, schedule a personalized demo today!

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