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C-Suite Chats with Christian Valiulis, October 2018

C-Suite Chats with Christian Valiulis, October 2018

In October, Christian Valiulis answered questions about topics like ways to break bad news to your team and how to find untapped markets. Here are his thoughts.

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C-Suite Chats With Christian Valiulis, October 2018

Our very own CRO, Christian Valiulis, is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. Once a month, these members come together for Q&A sessions about relevant, important topics in the business world. The council recently touched on ways to break bad news to your team and how to find untapped markets. Here’s what Christian had to say:

1. What’s one piece of basic advice that many sales executives forget when they are building out a sales team?

Christian: Consider Their Skill Sets

It’s important to remember that your star performers are not always your star managers. Some people are producers, others are leaders. That’s not to say one is better than the other — they just have different skill sets. Put people in positions where their natural instincts and skills will be best utilized. Only put those with management instincts in management positions to have a successful team.

As you sell your products and services, there comes a time when you need to hire more manpower to meet the demand. Adding sales members to your team without proper vetting and alignment of business requirements leads to a low-producing sales team. Here’s some advice from members of the Forbes Business Development Council: Key Advice Many Sales Executives Forget When Building a Team

2. A recent Entrepreneur article discussed six ways to break bad news to your team. What do you think is the best way to break news when things don’t turn out well?

Christian: Discuss Cause Before Delivery Of News

Give the cause of the news before actually telling your team the bad news, because once that bomb drops they won’t pay attention to anything else. That’s not to say sugar coat anything, but you need to define the scope and magnitude of the situation so the true impact will be felt. This way, a less emotionally charged and more productive conversation can happen to turn things around.

Nobody enjoys delivering bad news to their employees. Although it’s a difficult skill to learn, it’s necessary to have when managing a team. Here’s more advice from the Forbes Business Development Council on breaking bad news to your team: Breaking Bad News In Business: 11 Tips To Remember.

3. We see huge corporations conduct huge charitable works and donate millions to noble causes. But what can smaller businesses do to incorporate philanthropic deeds to their action strategy?

Christian: Think Locally

Find a local organization and stick to it. My company adopts multiple families from our local Providence House at Christmas. Everyone in the company volunteers to bring an item on their wish list or comes together to donate larger items. Our team personally brings the gifts to them and witnesses first-hand the impact made in our own community. Think local and watch your community reap the benefits.

Large corporations can often give back to the community in a big way due to the size of the organization. But giving isn’t just for large corporations, it’s for businesses of all sizes. From thinking local to contributing in creative ways, giving back as a small business is easier than ever. Here are Nine Simple Ways Small Businesses can Give Back from the Forbes Business Development Council.

4. What’s one surprising way to find untapped markets that would be a great fit for your business’ expansion?

Christian: Create An Environment For Discovery

Charlie Munger has a distrust of future planning, something that’s important for business development. If you plan too far in advance, you’ll forever be trying to self-fulfill a prophecy of your own making. Instead, be opportunistic; always be in motion, always be looking for something new. Get in uncomfortable situations that will allow accidents to happen. That’s where opportunity lives.

Growing your business to the point of want to expand is great, but many organizations don’t know where to start when locating potential new markets. From spending time with your field sales teams to chatting with other entrepreneurs and executives, expanding your business doesn’t seem like a daunting task with creative ways to locate markets. Here are Nine Surprising Ways To Locate New Markets When Expanding Your Business from the Forbes Business Development Council.

5. What’s the best way to build relationships with potential partners that are based on trust, and give both parties a chance to facilitate new opportunities?

Christian: Speak Candidly About Your Goals

Cut the business speak. Both parties have an objective in mind, so be candid about your goals. Beating around the bush implies dishonesty, at which point the partnership won’t be fully successful for anyone. Reinforce your intent with actions. Expose a vulnerability to show you have viable reasons for courting a partnership with this company.

 In the beginning stages of a partnership, building a trust-based relationship with a potential business partner is very important. Your potential business partner needs to know that both parties are being benefited from the partnership. Read more: Eight Ways To Build Trust-Based Relationships With Potential Business Partners from the Forbes Business Development Council.


About Forbes Business Development Council:

Forbes Business Development Council is an invitation-only organization for senior-level sales and business development executives. Find out if you qualify at forbesbizdevcouncil.com/qualify.

About Christian Valiulis

Chief Revenue Officer Christian Valiulis at APS is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. As a national human capital management and full-service payroll processing company, APS delivers a unified cloud solution backed by guaranteed payroll tax compliance services. Christian oversees marketing and sales, channel partnerships, and strategic product and service alliances. Connect with him on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with his most recent publications.