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C-Suite Chats with Christian Valiulis

June 2019 C-Suite Chats

In June, our CRO & Forbes Business Development Council member, Christian Valiulis, answered questions about various business topics. Here are his thoughts.

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C-Suite Chats With Christian Valiulis, June 2019

Each month, members of the Forbes Business Development Council come together for Q&A sessions about relevant, important topics in the business world. The council recently touched on structuring a successful sales team to maximizing online lead generation. Here’s what Christian Valiulis, our very own CRO and member had to say:

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Question 1

Expense accounts can be a valuable tool for empowering your sales team to travel independently, meet with clients, and contribute to the growth of your business — if they’re structured and communicated clearly. What expense account rules have helped you craft a clear and ethical expense policy for your team?

Christian: Have Checks And Balances In Place

One rule to keep employees ethical about the expense policy is to have a third party audit the sales expense receipts. Have another department review expense receipts to give an objective voice, identify any broken policy rules, and hold the sales team accountable for their expenses. This will eliminate special exceptions from sales managers due to someone else enforcing the rules.

Expense accounts can be a great asset to any sales team and the key to its success is accountability. Create a clear and ethical expense accounts policy by having a third party enforce the policy and applying the 24-hour rule. Learn more expense policy creation tips from the Forbes Business Development Council in Top Five Rules To Implement When Crafting A Sales Team Expense Account Policy.

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Question 2

What’s one way you’ve improved your online lead generation strategy? How can companies implement this approach to gain more qualified leads?

Christian: Know What Your Clients Want To Hear

One way to improve your online lead generation strategy is to know what your potential clients want to hear. Develop your ideal customer profile (ICP) and learn why your best customers choose your service or product. You’ll be able to craft your message to attract clients similar to your ICP and gain more qualified leads. Know what your clients want to hear, not what you think they want to hear.

Trying to increase your online lead generation can be a complicated task. It is important to create a strategy that works for you, to maximize your growth. Read more from the Forbes Business Development Council in 11 Strategies To Maximize Your Online Lead Generation Success.

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Question 3

Many factors go into creating an efficient and effective sales team. One of the most important ones is the people on it — and how the team is structured. What’s your favorite method for organizing and structuring your sales group to create a balanced team and disperse responsibilities appropriately?

Christian: Specialization

Organize your sales team by specialization to highlight your employees’ talents and create an efficient unit. Whether you divide your group based on skills in prospecting, technical knowledge, or negotiation, you’ll get the right people in the right roles to create a balanced team. Your employees are more likely to enjoy their work if they’re contributing to increasing sales numbers.

It is crucial to have an operative sales team. Creating this dynamic can happen in many different ways whether it be through specialization or adaptability. Read more on ways to structure your sales team from the Forbes Business Council in 9 Smart And Effective Ways To Structure Your Sales Team.

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Question 4

Even the best salespeople can hit a slow patch every once in a while. But when not hitting sales goals becomes a consistent issue, it may be time to talk with the rep to find out what’s going on and what next steps should be taken. What advice would you give a manager for approaching a rep who hasn’t been hitting their sales goals?

Christian: Perform An Opportunity Analysis

Perform an opportunity analysis when you have a rep who hasn’t been hitting their goals. An opportunity analysis will help the manager determine why deals aren’t closing and where in the opportunity process the sales rep is struggling to perform. You’ll be able to help a stagnating rep refocus on improving inconsistencies identified in the opportunity analysis and work their way back to success.

Identifying why your sales representatives aren’t hitting their goals can be tricky. From setting clear expectations to creating performance improvement plans, the Forbes Business Development Council shares insight on getting your sales reps back in the game: 13 Tips for Sales Managers Whose Reps Haven’t Been Hitting Their Goals.


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About Christian Valiulis

Chief Revenue Officer Christian Valiulis at APS is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. As a national human capital management and full-service payroll processing company, APS delivers a unified cloud solution backed by guaranteed payroll tax compliance services. Christian oversees marketing and sales, channel partnerships, and strategic product and service alliances. Connect with him on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with his most recent publications.