Going Digital: Benefits of Electronic Performance Reviews

Keep Employees on Track with Performance Reviews

Online or electronic performance reviews replace paper-based processes with a cloud-based solution that keeps employees on track, develops their skills, and allows managers to play a more active role.

Online performance reviews are customizable for different needs. They work with employee and manager self-service tools, improve collaboration between HR and front-line managers, and have better follow-up compared to traditional paper reviews.

A total workforce management system with online performance reviews allows employers to:

  • Quickly access a centralized system of record to review performance data and write an accurate annual performance review.
  • Stay more in touch with employees’ progress, as well as HR and payroll details such as pay rates, bonuses, raises, and promotions.
  • Better understand employees’ own thoughts about their performance, by offering staff the opportunity to first evaluate themselves using the online system.
  • Build detailed individual profiles by deciding who you want to reward, develop, and retain.
  • Easily identify gaps to increase employee and company performance.

Online performance reviews help:

  • Increase engagement by developing a workflow for employees and the company.
  • Create goals for employees and provide a clear direction on how they can improve.
  • Streamline your workflow by routing and tracking reviews automatically.
  • Provide participants with instant online access using self-service tools.

What’s Missing from Your Workforce Management?

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