February, 2020

The Love Language of Workplace Recognition

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Managing Employee Recognition

In part two of our Love Languages series, we talked about how offering a comprehensive benefits package is an Act of Service that creates workplace motivation. In part three of this five-part series, we’re going to take a look at the love language of Receiving Gifts and how we can recognize employees with this particular love language through compensation.

Gift Giving

How to apply receiving gifts in the workplace

One of the best ways an employer or manager can express how much he or she cares in the workplace is by creating a fulfilling work environment for their employees. Fundamental to creating a positive work culture is making sure your employees are paid correctly and on time. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often we find business owners struggling with paycheck accuracy and promptness.

Employee compensation provides stability and security in people’s lives. When something disrupts that stability and causes issues with payroll being processed, it can leave you with frustrated employees. It has been shown time and time again that businesses with established company cultures, and a streamlined payroll process, tend to have higher employee satisfaction. Remember, paid employees are happy and productive employees.

What we’ve found is most HR and payroll managers want to pay their employees for the work that they have performed in a timely manner. The root of the problem is the absence of a reliable payroll solution.

What’s Your Love Language?

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Use Employee Pay to Demonstrate Receiving Gifts

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Delivering payroll seamlessly and on time is the standard by which a company should always operate to establish stable relationships with its employees. As compensation continuously ranks as a top attribute of a job, an employee’s pay will determine their future work ethic. Workers not only deserve the stability of timely and accurate paychecks but also confidence in knowing their work is appreciated.

Time Off Tracking Reporting

Paid Time Off

Instead of having to revamp policies and procedures, businesses can invest in payroll and HR technology that greatly impacts the way they are “speaking” to their employees. HR platforms that help implement options like direct deposit and paid time off (PTO) will increase the value of a business, simply because the employees will feel more satisfied at work.

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Compensation Packages

In addition to an investment in an automated payroll system, employers can also take this a step further by offering more competitive pay or raises tied to employee performance.

Competitive compensation packages show employees their work is valuable to your organization and is something that most employees look for in a company- especially those whose love language is receiving gifts. When employees know their efforts are worth a quantifiable amount, they will feel confident and fulfilled in their job roles.

Less Turnover? No Problem

Employee Compensation Beyond the Paycheck

Perhaps you already pay your employees on-time and offer generous compensation, but something is still missing: your employee turnover is still higher than you’d like. It may be time to take your employee compensation beyond the paycheck. Here are a few alternative options to spice up employee recognition that can help decrease your employee turnover.

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Incentivized Goals

Creating goals for your company that ultimately tie back to ROI are a way to not only increase your revenue, but also employee morale. When you give an employee a goal and offer money for achieving that goal, you contribute to three forms of employee satisfaction in one: you offer a feeling of accomplishment for reaching the goal, recognize an employee for his or her efforts, and give an otherwise unexpected gift in the process.

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Compensation for Years of Service

Whether an employee has been with your company for two years or 20, they equate to more money in your pocket. One consistent employee costs less than advertising, recruiting, and onboarding a new hire. Since the advent of the internet and social platforms, it’s even harder to keep an employee than it was a decade ago. Offering your staff monetary compensation like raises or bonuses related to years of service can help reduce employee turnover and increase employee recognition.

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Paid Time Off

According to a survey completed by the U.S. Travel Association, 45% of Americans say that paid vacation is the second most important benefit, next to health insurance itself. Yet, a majority of Americans don’t know if their employers want them to take a vacation, or feel like they shouldn’t talk about vacations at work. As an employer, you can stay ahead of the curve and increase employee retention by offering paid time off and talking to employees about the importance of using that time for improved mental health.

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What employee doesn’t want to be awarded for work they perform, especially when their love language is receiving gifts? For example, an employee of the month program gives your workers something to look forward to throughout the year. Similarly, offering quarterly awards that are specific to your company culture, (Most Spirited, Team Player, Work Ethic, etc.) ensures your employees will receive the recognition they deserve and want.

Talk the Talk with Gift Giving

When you invest in your employees through timely paychecks, paid-time-off, incentivized bonuses, and monthly recognition programs, your business will reap the positive impact on engagement and retention.

It’s also important to verbally tell your employees when they are doing a great job. To learn more about words of affirmation in the workplace, check out part one of this series here.

Actions speak louder than words, and when you learn to speak the “love language” each employee resonates with, the relationships with your staff will flourish.

Next: Part 4, The Love Language of Employee Empowerment.

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