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7 Myths About Human Resources

Over the years, several myths have sprouted up about HR. We are dispelling 7 myths about human resources and shed some light on the truth.

7 Myths About Human Resources

What do the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and HR managers all have in common? Many myths exist about each of them. Myths by definition are widely held but false beliefs or ideas. Over the years, several myths have sprouted up about HR. While we can’t give you a definitive answer about Nessie or Sasquatch, we are going to dispel 7 myths about human resources and shed some light on the truth.

Six things to consider in your search

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Myth #1: HR Departments are too Busy Dealing With Daily Problems to be Strategic

The Truth: HR is the heart of the company and, therefore, needs to play a strategic role in growing business. HR managers can help give insight into potential profit leaks that could be costing the company money. They help hire the talent that will catapult their companies to success. And HR managers are the ones who hone the company culture for happier and more productive employees. This employee engagement then trickles to managers and even customers, so everyone is satisfied.

Myth #2: HR Managers Just Hire Employees

The Truth: By definition, an HR manager wears many hats. They handle the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire. But they don’t just hire employees. HR managers have to think strategically about how a job role will impact the company, find the right candidate for that role, and make sure to properly onboard each new hire. In essence, they are the dreamers of dreams for their company.

Myth # 3: It’s HR’s Job to Train Employees

The Truth: It depends. Some organizations roll employee training, or Talent Development, into the HR department, while others treat it as a separate department. Either way, HR managers probably have their hands in employee development to some degree. Whether they are working with the head of Talent Development or have their hands directly in employee training, it’s by no means their sole job.

Myth #4: All HR Departments Operate the Same Way

The Truth: Every HR department has its own unique identity. This identity is determined by the size of the organization, company culture, and strategic goals. Some HR departments may emphasize customer satisfaction and employee engagement while others may focus more on ROI. What works for some HR departments may not work for others. So it’s important to understand the processes and strategies that work across departments in order for HR to perform successfully.

Myth #5: HR Doesn’t Have to do Everything by the Book

The Truth: EVERYTHING must be done by the book…in other words, legally. It is crucial that HR managers follow regulations and guidelines for everything from hiring processes to record keeping and reporting. Acting illegally or unethically will not only have a negative impact on an HR professional, it can also be catastrophic and costly to a company’s well-being.

Myth #6: HR is a Lone Wolf

The Truth: HR cannot be expected to operate alone. HR managers need to be part of the decision-making process and should receive support from upper management when they are the ones making decisions. HR managers can play a key role in promoting employee engagement, reducing turnover, and increasing organizational growth.

Myth #7: HR Managers can do it all on Their own

The Truth: Yes and no. HR managers have many responsibilities on their plates, but they can manage it all with the help of the right HR solution.

When researching HR solution, it’s important to look for platforms that will give you the ability to:

Demystifying HR

As you can see, there are several myths circulating around regarding Human Resources. Hopefully, we have demystified HR enough to show you the truth. If you’re ever faced with these myths again, just remember:

How APS can help

The APS Core HR solution provides several features that are designed to make life easier for HR managers all over the country:

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