The Importance of Adoption in HR Technology

AUGUST, 2017
HR technology has the capability to make your life much easier. It is far-reaching within your organization and can help you manage everything in your employee lifecycle, including payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. But quite often, HR technology is not fully adopted within an organization. HR managers adopt early because they are typically involved in the decision-making process and then are the ones who will use it the most. But if your employees don’t buy in and adopt, you will not be getting the most out of your investment.

In our previous articles, we discussed the importance of usability and efficiency in HR technology. The third piece of the HR technology pie is adoption. Let’s discuss the importance of adoption in HR technology and how this may very well be the most important part of all.

The Importance of Adoption

Today’s HR manager is very different from the HR manager of 10 years ago. What’s different is how HR managers have become responsible for their own technology - everything from researching and choosing a solution to implementing and adopting it. With all that added responsibility, HR managers are looking for solutions that allow them to communicate better with employees and provide a more positive work environment. It’s a huge undertaking, so implementing HR technology that employees can adopt easily is vital.

According to the Aberdeen Group, the majority of companies focusing on usability with a unified HR solution find that they have greater than 60% end-user adoption. It’s no surprise that usability and adoption go hand-in-hand. If HR technology is easy to use, more employees will adopt it. And end-user adoption is a huge factor in maximizing your return on investment.

The Employee Experience

So we know how important is for HR technology to be usable for HR managers, but what about employees? HR technology should be easy to use for everyone, which will increase adoption. In a recent Aberdeen report, 27% of companies are more likely to undertake automation with the goal of simplifying the self-management experience for employees. The easier a solution is for employees to use, the more they will use it. This also means reduced transactional tasks for HR managers because employees are empowered to access the data they need on their own.

It’s not enough anymore for HR technology to offer features that automate tasks like payroll and benefits. Companies want solutions that allow them to easily manage the employee lifecycle from hire to retire. Employees want the ability to view pay stubs, enroll in benefits, submit time off requests, clock in and out, sign documents, and sign up for training from their computer or smartphone.

Josh Bersin at Deloitte speaks to this trend, stating: “The rules for HR software are changing. Companies no longer buy HR software solely based on features: they look for the total employee and user experience.” And the more your employees use the HR software, the more engaged and happier they are.

The C-Level Buy-In

While it’s critical to have employee adoption, it’s equally as important to have top-level employees show their support for HR technology. While executive level employees may not be using the system on a daily basis, they will need analytics and metrics from that system to make smarter decisions. So they need to have an understanding of the usage and benefits of the new HR technology.

Training Days

A single training session during implementation doesn’t give your employees the confidence to use a brand new HR system. Choosing a provider that offers unlimited or lifetime training allows you to set yourself (and your employees) up for a successful adoption.

Make sure allow plenty of time for employees to get comfortable and create an environment where they can ask questions. It’s also helpful to have access to a help center that offers additional training opportunities where employees can work at their own pace.

A Partner in Success

Your HR provider should have your goals and success in mind to ensure adoption. Working with a customer success team who is there to help you create a strategy for maximum utilization of the system will make it much easier to ensure adoption. Look for a provider who offers the following services for continued success and adoption:

  • Quarterly stewardship meetings
  • Special software release training
  • Success plan for milestones and services selected
  • Monitoring and reporting of system adoption

Ensuring Adoption

The success of a technology strategy - not to mention the return on technology investment - stands and falls with end-user adoption. Your strategy provides a framework for evaluating and selecting a vendor on a more granular level. You want to make sure the vendor can meet both your specific, current technology needs, as well as anticipated needs in the future.

Companies who use the right HR technology with high end-user adoption are 3.3x more likely to see revenue increase year over year. If you can work with your vendor with the common goals of usability, efficiency, and adoption, you will maximize your HR technology ROI and have a partner for continued success.

For more information on how you can increase adoption of your HR technology, download the Aberdeen HR Solutions: Usability, Efficiency, and Adoption report today. You may just find the secret ingredient for your HR success!

How APS Can Help

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In 2017, G2 Crowd ranked APS as the Best Software for HR and Administrative Teams and Gartner Software Advice recognized APS has a FrontRunner for its HR and Applicant Tracking Software. APS helps organizations in over 475 jurisdictions in all 50 states, including Rainbow Sandals, CC’s Coffee House, Cheerwine, and Columbia Southern University. For more information, please visit or call 855-945-7921.

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